Rod and Schwartz expanded the original R & s ats1800c product series and launched a new product R & s ats1800m. R & s ats1800m is a 5g NR millimeter wave anechoic chamber based on compact field (CATR). By adding two side chambers, the millimeter wave anechoic chamber has become the only single system solution for OTA testing in the market. It can support 5g NR millimeter wave terminals based on complete 3GPP protocol consistency for radio resource management (RRM) testing, including multiple angles of arrival (AOA).


The R & s ats1800m 5g NR millimeter wave test box is equipped with four CATR reflectors.

R & s ats1800c adopts innovative technology for OTA testing. It uses a gold-plated CATR reflector to create a large static zone (QZ), that is, the usable measurement area, in its extremely compact shape. As a highly flexible solution, R & s ats1800c supports a variety of applications such as thermodynamic testing and out of band (OOB) testing. By adding a new side chamber option, R & s ats1800c also supports RRM testing of two AOAs.

Unlike the R & s ats1800c with only a single CATR, the R & s ats1800m has four CATR reflecting surfaces, each with a static area of 30 cm. Through the overlap of the four static zones, a 30 cm combined static zone is formed at their intersection, so that the DUT can be surrounded by a large static zone in all directions. This setting allows the tester to measure the signal arrival of the DUT at different angles at the same time, just like in a real network. The large static area can significantly reduce the measurement uncertainty, and the DUT can also be tested without knowing the antenna position (black box test). Compared with other solutions in the industry, this innovative advantage makes R & s ats1800c an ideal solution for service providers.

RRM testing aims to use limited RF resources as efficiently as possible and help avoid co channel interference. The 3GPP specification for RRM testing defines five pairs of different angles, and the relative angle differences between base station signals are 30 °, 60 °, 90 °, 120 ° and 150 °. R & s ats1800m only adds three additional reflecting surfaces to meet this requirement. The original R & s ats1800c can also be equipped with this side chamber expansion option, which can be restored to its original state after installation.

Rod and Schwartz provide R & S ATS 1800C CATR 5g NR millimeter wave darkroom and R & s ats1800m multi reflector extension.

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