R&s ZNH, launched by Rohde & Schwarz, is a handheld dual port vector network analyzer with a frequency range of 26.5 GHz. Under the standard configuration, it can carry out cable and antenna analysis and complete S-parameter measurement. R&s ZNH is easy to use and configure, and has a compact fanless housing, suitable for field applications.

R&s ZNH handheld vector network analyzer can help detect defective RF cables and communication system components, so as to correct them in time. It can also measure components with frequencies up to 26.5 GHz in the field and laboratory. The basic functions of r&s ZNH standard configuration include cable and antenna measurement and complete dual port s parameter measurement. The two ports of the analyzer also have built-in receiver step attenuators to prevent overload. The four receiver architecture of r&s ZNH can support unknown pass through, open circuit, short circuit and matching (uosm) calibration. R&s ZNH has first-class RF performance characteristics, such as low trace noise (0.0025 DB RMS), 100 dB dynamic range, 0 DBM typical maximum output power and 16001 measurement points. It is an ideal choice for installing and maintaining RF communication systems and measuring basic RF components.

Other options of r&s ZNH, such as power meter, pulse measurement, wave ratio and wave quantity, can help field engineers maintain and quickly recover radar and satellite systems. These options can be activated with a paid software key.

The weight of r&s ZNH is only 3kg. It is small in shape, fan free design, long battery life, and wide keys are convenient to wear gloves for operation. It is suitable for on-site operation. The 7-inch multi touch screen is similar to the smart touch gesture of smart phones in laboratory applications. R&s ZNH is simple, convenient and practical. Novice users can operate without prior training. The wizard function can realize the pre configuration of test sequence and reduce field errors. The free instrumentview and mobileview software can forward the measured data directly from the field to the laboratory for parallel analysis.

Handheld r&s ZNH is also very suitable for R & D laboratories, production lines and universities with limited workspace and budget. It is an ideal choice for measuring RF components (such as filters, amplifiers, cables, connectors and antennas) in production environments.

Rod and Schwartz have officially launched r&s ZNH handheld vector network analyzer.

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