The R & S RTO and R & S RTP oscilloscopes of Rhodes and Schwartz adopt the new K88 option, which can test the compliance of the next version of automobile Ethernet standard. The new IEEE 802.3ch standard meets the requirements of high-speed networking and data transmission in vehicles. By using the K88 software option, Rohde and Schwarz continue to lead the way as automotive Ethernet test and measurement providers.

The new K88 option allows compliance testing for the next version of the automotive Ethernet standard. Image: Rhodes and Schwartz) most of the requirements for higher data rates come from sensors, such as cameras around cars, 5g telematics units (TCUs) and network backbones for multiple domain controllers. The multigbase-t1 Ethernet standard meets these requirements by including 2.5G, 5g and 10g speeds. Compared with 1000base-t1, multigbase-t1 uses pam4 (4-stage) modulation with symbol rates of 1.4, 2.8 and 5.6 GHz. The open alliance tc15 PMA conformance test specification is still in draft.

With the new K88 option, R & S RTO and R & S RTP oscilloscopes are now based on the ieee802.3ch specification of PHY layer (layer 1), providing a complete transmitter compliance solution for multigbase-t1. The solution has a modern user interface, easy to use, and can provide guided testing and very comprehensive reports.

Rohde and Schwarz provide a complete automotive Ethernet conformance testing solution, including MDI return loss measurement using vector network analyzer (e.g. R & S znd). The R & s scopesuite test software can automatically control measuring instruments, calculate results and record files. The test wizard will guide the user to complete the test step by step. Automatic test sequence can achieve fast and reliable test execution, and minimize the possibility of user error. Configurable test reports record the test results. R & s scopesuite is a stand-alone application that can be run on an oscilloscope or a separate PC.

Rohde and Schwarz now offer R & s rto-k88 and rtp-k88 conformance testing software options for multigbase-t1.

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