With the resumption of work and the increase of human flow, further strengthening epidemic prevention and control has become a new challenge for all walks of life. Recently, researchers from the robot and microsystem research center of Suzhou University independently developed a high-tech product “intelligent and efficient sanitation and disinfection robot” to help prevent and control the epidemic.

The disinfection robot realizes barrier free driving on the road. The whole machine is controlled by microcomputer and operated by remote wireless remote control of the staff to ensure the safety of the remote control personnel. The disinfection spray is sprayed to the target with its own spray device. The spray system adopts the secondary atomization of pressure flow and wind force, and adopts a special air duct design. The horizontal spray range can reach 30 meters. The droplet adhesion rate is high, and the utilization rate of the liquid medicine is high.

It is reported that the disinfection robot can travel 7 kilometers per hour, drive 30 kilometers at a time, and disinfection and sterilization more than 40000 square meters in an hour. It can be widely used in urban streets, communities, centralized epidemic prevention points, road checkpoints, stations, construction sites, schools, underground garages and other places.

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