The epidemic prevention and control of novel coronavirus is entering a critical period. Recently, the Zhengzhou version of “Xiaotangshan” – Zhengzhou qiboshan hospital, which has attracted much attention, was completed and delivered, and 226 medical and nursing personnel from 8 hospitals in Zhengzhou successively settled in it. It is understood that Zhengzhou qiboshan hospital officially received patients on February 16. When the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control has made positive progress, the operation of this special anti epidemic hospital will provide greater assistance for the next anti epidemic battle. Cheetah mobile and Orion star intelligent epidemic prevention and control robot are also stationed in it. This is a hospital that we rush to help again after Shougang Hospital of Peking University, Beijing Haidian Hospital and Wuhan huoshenshan hospital.

Robots help medical staff: reduce workload and reduce cross infection

It is worth noting that Zhengzhou qiboshan hospital, which was officially opened on January 27, cooperated with Alibaba cloud during the preparation period. The hospital has built a system based on the public cloud environment of Alibaba cloud as the main body to carry the core business of the hospital. With the solution of Alibaba cloud’s proprietary cloud agile version as the backup mechanism, the hospital has introduced a number of intelligent facilities such as novel coronavirus AI assistant, intelligent body temperature monitoring system and intelligent distribution robot, so as to improve the diagnosis and treatment efficiency and reduce the infection risk of medical staff.

Among them, as an important part of the whole hospital information system, “intelligent distribution robot” is responsible for the implementation and deployment of the solution of “intelligent epidemic prevention and control delivery robot” in combination with the needs of hospitals and medical staff.

It is understood that the Orion star intelligent epidemic prevention and control delivery robot “leopard small delivery” settled in Zhengzhou qiboshan hospital this time integrates the epidemic prevention and control solution of cheetah mobile intelligent robot, which can realize the functions of autonomous path planning, intelligent obstacle avoidance, voice control, active inquiry, automatic charging in free time, and can be applied to medical scenes, providing specimen delivery, test sheet delivery, drug delivery, protective tool delivery Distribution of disinfection tools, transportation of medical waste and other medical services.

The “intelligent epidemic prevention and control delivery robot” can replace the medical staff to complete the delivery of test sheets, drugs and other work. After the robot completes these simple but labor-intensive process work, the medical staff can have more time to rest and reduce the infection on the delivery road. In the hospital scene, leopard small delivery can realize the fixed-point distribution and transportation of test sheets, drugs, medical protective materials, disinfection tools and medical waste. After the robot completes its work, it is disinfected by medical staff, which not only reduces the workload of medical staff, but also avoids the cross infection between hospital staff and patients, and reduces the risk of epidemic transmission.

Scientific and technological epidemic prevention: connecting technology and application to fully support the war against epidemic

Since the outbreak, cheetah mobile and Orion star have paid close attention to the epidemic prevention and control situation, joined hands with partners to help prevent the spread of the epidemic with scientific and technological strength, and not only donated medical robots to front-line hospitals at the first time after the outbreak prevention and control battle. Recently, it has also launched infrared temperature measurement version of medical robots and epidemic prevention and control outbound robots to continue to support the anti epidemic with practical actions and help hospitals and medical staff win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

Taking the assistance to Zhengzhou qiboshan hospital as an example, next, cheetah mobile and Orion star will continue in-depth cooperation with softcom wisdom to launch a total of three “intelligent epidemic prevention and control robots” medical system epidemic prevention and control programs.

Cheetah mobile and Orion star will also continue to respond to the call of the state and the Ministry of industry and information technology, give full play to the enabling effect of artificial intelligence, give priority to accelerating the research and application of relevant products that effectively support epidemic prevention and control, fully tap the application scenarios, help the intelligent diagnosis and treatment of epidemic diseases, reduce the infection risk of medical staff and improve the efficiency of management and control. Make a good connection between technology and application, let more hard core products and services play a role in the fight against the epidemic, and quickly solve problems with useful and easy-to-use “tools”. Cheetah mobile and Orion star are also willing to continue to work with all forces to support the “epidemic” of the war until the day of victory.

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