In recent years, with the rapid development of robot technology, in many positions that we want and can’t imagine, the “machine replacement” is frequently staged. For example, before that, we often see robots acting as sales, customer service and workers, and some with unique skills can also be bartenders, performers, debaters, go players, etc. Now, robot has a new occupation, that is massage.

According to relevant media reports, researchers from a French company and the University of Plymouth have invented a robot that can provide personalized massage. The robot is a KUKA robot with 7 degrees of freedom. There are massage gloves at the end of the robot, which can be used for pressing, pressing, pushing, kneading and other operations. Developers will program a series of massage programs into the robot system, and users can get different massage packages.

At the same time, the robot can not be limited to the preset program, and the massaged person can make the robot have the ability to reproduce the massage behavior by teaching the robot. At present, this achievement has been published in the Journal neurorobotics frontier. Although it is still in the research stage and has not yet been mass-produced, according to the person in charge of the company, it has served more than 4000 people and many people like it.

So, what do you think of the future of such a robot? Is there room for development in the future?

In fact, you can refer to massage chair to answer this question. Because loosely speaking, the massage chair can also be regarded as a massage robot, which also integrates many technologies and components such as face recognition, sensors, mechanical transmission, but the shape of the chair is made. In recent years, relying on the mode of sharing, the automatic massage chair has had a hot development in all parts of our country, which shows that there are still some prospects.

Relying on the mode of sharing, massage robot can get rid of the limitation of high price and meet people’s massage demand. In some places of leisure and entertainment, where there are many people in the airport, it can get a certain audience. In addition, as a massage rehabilitation tool, massage robot can also welcome landing in the medical field. For example, a massage robot was used in novahealth Chinese medicine clinic in Singapore in 2017.

It is reported that the massage robot used at that time was called Emma 3.0, which was developed by aitreat, a technology start-up company incubated by Nanyang University of technology in Singapore. The robot has a touch screen, a flexible mechanical arm and two soft massage heads made of silicone at the end of the limbs, which can be heated. At the same time, it also has sensing and diagnostic functions, which can not only find the best massage strength, but also track the patient’s condition.

At present, Emma 3.0 is still working continuously under the guidance of doctors. Its workload is equivalent to that of two human masseuses, which greatly improves the service efficiency of the clinic and saves the relevant employment costs. It can be said that it has significant value. From this point of view, massage robot has a very broad application prospect in the medical field, the reason is not only for the improvement of traditional rehabilitation medical means, but also for cost control.

Of course, in addition to the fields of entertainment, leisure and medical rehabilitation, massage robots may also be launched in the family field in the future. With the aging trend becoming more and more obvious and the increasing demand for family health care, massage robot, as an upgraded family health helper, can go deep into every family to meet the needs of the elderly or children after solving the problems of cost and technical safety.

In February of this year, KickStarter launched a personal head-on temple and corner massage machine, Lerou robot, with a price of about $169. This massage instrument adopts precision mechanical transmission to simulate finger massage. It has the advantages of comfort, portability, long endurance, cost performance and so on. It is favored and loved by many families. On this basis, it can be predicted that massage robot also has a huge space in the home.

However, whether it is in the field of entertainment and leisure, or in the field of medical rehabilitation, or in the field of family consumption, if massage robots want to realize their broad prospects, they also need to achieve breakthroughs in technology, cost, safety and other aspects. At present, few enterprises can do this. From this point of view, massage robot has a long way to go in the future

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