A hundred years of luxuriant foliage, turned into ashes in an instant

Forest fire is a sudden and destructive

Dealing with difficult natural disasters

To protect forests is to protect human beings

Shandong sunshine, with mountains facing the sea

There are 4,358 large and small hills and a forest area of ​​1,400 square kilometers.

Mountains and hills account for more than 70%

Do a good job of fire prevention and protect forest resources

Crucial to this green, ecologically livable city

The Most Beautiful Perseverance: The "Watcher" in the Mountains

In this green field with many mountains and forests, high mountains and dangerous roads, there are such a group of people. They walk through the forest day and night in order to check for hidden dangers and control fire sources. If they silently guard this forest, they are the forest rangers.

The forest area has continuous mountains, many points and wide areas, and villagers’ sacrifices, sweeping, burning and other violations frequently occur. The traditional manpower patrol tasks of forest rangers are arduous and inefficient. The fire prevention work situation is complicated and severe, and the fire pressure is high.

Forward thinking: "Watchmen" of digital intelligence

When forest fire prevention meets digital intelligence technology, what changes will it bring?

At the beginning of 2020, Rizhao Tower and Dahua Co., Ltd. continued to explore and think in cooperation to create a full-coverage, full-intelligence, and full-process intelligent monitoring system for forest fire prevention. Close the loop of the disposal process, improve forest fire monitoring and emergency disposal capabilities, and create a provincial benchmark case for fire protection.

At present, high-altitude binocular thermal imaging has covered the main mountain ranges of the city, 360° remote inspection of the mountains and forests, instead of manpower 7×24 uninterrupted guarding; The integration of technical defense and human defense, and the construction of a global three-dimensional perception network to patrol mountains and forests, reduce the hardships of the rangers, and now the rangers are much easier.

Thermal imaging + AI: turn on the "eye-catching" mode

Forest fires are often difficult to find in deep mountains and old forests, and it takes a certain amount of time to rush to control the fire, which delays the best time to put out the fire.

Through artificial intelligence algorithm + thermal imaging technology, the discovery time is greatly shortened, so that the fire point and smoke within a radius of nearly ten kilometers cannot escape these "eyes of fire". It is sent to the mobile phone synchronously, and it can be transferred to the staff for disposal within five minutes, so as to obtain the "golden time" for the early fire extinguishing, and organize the fire fighting in time to truly prevent the "burning".

In order to reduce false alarms, through deep smoke, mountain scanning and other algorithm optimization, the accuracy rate of real fire alarms is greatly improved, and accurate early warning of real fires is realized, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, and fire prevention personnel no longer have to be tired of operation and processing. Work enthusiasm, maximize the effectiveness of the system.

More than 30 real mountain fires were found in the system operation for half a year, which effectively controlled the occurrence of fires, and truly realized the "early, small, and severe" forest fire prevention. The illegal use of fire has been effectively controlled, and the villagers' awareness of fire prevention has been improved, which is of great significance to the development of "group prevention and group management" for forest fire prevention.

Create a "one picture" of fire management

Create a "picture" of fire protection management based on big data capabilities. Commanders can visually check the fire prevention, fire situation and fire situation through this picture, provide real-time decision-making basis for timely dispatch of fire prevention and patrol forces, and truly achieve full-service closed-loop management of fire prevention work from discovery, assignment, disposal to feedback.

The two parties work together to innovate the joint defense mechanism, improve the construction of the forest protection and fire prevention system, realize the co-construction and sharing of resources during the fire prevention period and the non-fire prevention period, provide scientific data support for the ecological environment, water conservancy, oceanographic bureau and other departments, and improve the joint defense capability. The security of forest resources provides a guarantee and adds a safety barrier for guarding sunshine.

How to be more effective in fire prevention and safe fighting

Bring us more thinking and wisdom

Dahua always insists on the innovation of digital technologyHelp Shandong, Yunnan, Hebei, Tibet and other places with actionsMonitoring and protection of forest and grass resources and construction of fire prevention systemImprove governance efficiency and boost forest and grass informatizationHelp build a beautiful China and achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality

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