In recent years, risc-v ecology has achieved unprecedented prosperity and development. Many science and technology companies at home and abroad have finished layout and industrial applications one after another. MCU equipped with risc-v core has gradually entered the daily development work of engineers. If you want to do a good job, you must first use its tools. In order to realize the project development based on risc-v MCU, the supporting integrated development environment is essential. At present, the risc-v MCU development tools available in the market have begun to take shape, and the mounriver is built by the mounriver team ® Studio (MRS) is one of them.

MRS is an integrated development environment for embedded projects (risc-v / arm). It provides complete development resources including editor, C compiler, macro assembler, linker, library management, simulation debugger and downloader. In terms of tool chain, it adds support for WCH risc-v series single chip interrupt hardware automatic context saving function. On the basis of including the development function of general risc-v / arm project, Mrs also integrates the engineering conversion interface of cross core MCU to realize the one click migration from arm core project to risc-v development environment. In addition, the integrated development environment has the following characteristics:

● support the development of risc-v / arm core chip projects (compilation, burning and debugging)

● support the automatic switching of risc-v or arm tool chain according to the chip core corresponding to the project

● support the development of embedded operating systems such as harmony liteos-m, RT thread and FreeRTOS

● support referencing external custom tool chains

● C library function printf supporting lightweight

● support 32 and 64 bit risc-v   Instruction set architecture, I, m, a, C, F and other instruction set extensions

● built in WCH, Gd and other manufacturers’ series chip engineering templates, supporting a variety of mainstream debugging downloaders

● double click the project file to open and import the project

● support the free creation, import and export of single chip microcomputer engineering templates

● multi threaded construction to minimize compilation time

● support fast switching between Chinese and English, dark and light color theme interfaces of the software

● support visual modification of linked script files

● support document version management and one click traceability of historical versions

● support single chip microcomputer online programming ISP (in system programming)

● support assembly, C + + and C + + languages (no code size limit)

● support the online feedback function of user opinions

● support online automatic detection and upgrade, and local patch packages can be upgraded offline

● free download and use

The latest version V1.51 installation package of MRS can be obtained at  。

[welcome page] Mrs provides a quick entrance to engineering operation, and the overall introduction of the software and quick use tips are displayed on the right.

[main interface] Based on the eclipse interface style, Mrs simplifies and customizes the main menu, toolbar and page layout for embedded development.

[toolbar] Mrs redesigned the toolbar button icon and added keil project import, link script file editing, global configuration, project configuration, command line tools, recompilation and other function entries.

[built in chip Engineering] MRS has built-in chip engineering templates for risc-v, arm and other series MCU from WCH, Gd and other manufacturers, and supports the development of embedded operating systems such as harmony liteos-m, RT thread and FreeRTOS.

[tool chain] MRS can automatically switch the risc-v / arm tool chain according to the chip core corresponding to the current project, and automatically load the compilation configuration.

[debugger] Mrs supports GD link, JLINK, WCH link and other online simulation debuggers, which can be switched freely.

[code download] Mrs supports the code download of risc-v / arm series chip projects of Gd, WCH and other manufacturers.

[code debugging] Mrs supports the code debugging of risc-v / arm series chip projects of Gd, WCH and other manufacturers, and supports single-step execution, re execution, pause, full speed execution and other operations.

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