Beijing Yihui Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yihui information), the supplier of open source real-time operating system sylixos, announced to cooperate with crystal core technology, the leading supplier of risc-v CPU processor core, to fully support Andes Andes core in sylixos operating system ™ A25 series processor. At the risc-vcon technology seminar held by Jingxin Technology Institute of Park Plaza Hotel in Beijing.

“For anderscore ™ The support of a25 series processors expands the ecosystem of sylixos, further improves the ability to support customers and enriches users’ choices. “Combining the high performance and low power consumption of a25 series processors, sylixos will be more suitable for areas with strong real-time performance and high reliability requirements,” said Han Hui, chairman of Yihui information. Next, Yihui information will accelerate the promotion cooperation for specific users. “

“We are very excited about the support of sylixos on crystal core risc-v processor platform. Dr. Su Hongmeng, chief technology officer and executive deputy general manager of crystal core technology, said, “we will work together to promote crystal core technology’s high-quality risc-v processors to specific industries, aerospace, communications, rail transit and other fields based on the experience of Yihui information in specific fields. “

Risc-v CPU processor core adopts embedded open source real-time operating system

Sylixos is an embedded open-source real-time operating system independently developed by Yihui information, with 32-bit and 64 bit versions, integrated development environment realevo IDE and simulation virtual machine realevo simulator. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable, high commercialization, rich integration of intermediary software (QT, CoDeSys, python, java script, etc.), supporting AMP (asymmetric multiprocessor architecture) and SMP (symmetric multiprocessor architecture), and supporting POSIX and other API sets. Sylixos is widely used in industrial automation, national defense, aerospace, electric power, rail transit and other fields. Most of the products require 7×24 hours of uninterrupted operation. At present, many sylixos system nodes even run continuously for more than 70000 hours (eight years).

Sylixos is andescore ™ A25 series chips provide high reliable, high real-time operating system solutions. Sylixos products mature, simple program design, simple system architecture, andescore ™ A25 series combines the special integrated development environment realevo IDE and hardware simulator realevo simulator for sylixos system, which is convenient for system development and debugging and shortens the product development cycle.

AndesCore ™ A25 series adopts andestar ™ In TSMC 28nm HPC + process, the dominant frequency of V5 risc-v processor core is greater than 1.2Ghz. The optimized risc-v expansion instruction improves efficiency by 20% and reduces program space by 12%. This series includes anderscore ™ A25, ax25, a25mp and ax25mp, support 32-bit and 64 bit, single core and multi-core symmetric multiprocessor (SMP), support floating-point expansion, with complete DSP Instruction set, and supports paging memory management unit (MMU) and supervision mode (S-mode). It is suitable for UAV, intelligent wireless communication, Netcom, image processing, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), storage, data center, machine / deep learning and other fields. It has been part of the range from edge device to cloud server, and embedded at least from 1 core to more than 1000 cores.

Risc-v is accepted by many developers because of its simple architecture, clear hierarchy, modularity, extensibility and open source. At present, hundreds of leading chip companies in the world, including NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Samsung, Google and Huawei, have joined the risc-v camp and launched a number of chips based on risc-v instruction set architecture, which makes risc-v expand rapidly in the mainstream market. According to tractica’s forecast, the global revenue of IP and software tools based on risc-v will be about $1.1 billion in 2025.

As a founding member of risc-v foundation and vice president of crvic (China risc-v Industry Alliance), in addition to actively contributing technology and cooperating with the world’s major manufacturers to jointly develop risc-v architecture, Jingxin also strives to promote and strengthen the industry’s cooperation in risc-v. Based on the cooperation with Yihui information, we will work together to accelerate the expansion of risc-v to specific fields.

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