RFID technology is widely used, unattended weighing industry has also been a good interpretation. Intelligent weighing management system has become an important technology to realize information management in various weighing industries such as coal mine, garbage dump, petroleum industry and non-ferrous metal mine. RFID technology can not be imitated, strong anti-interference, rapid identification, intelligent identification for these industries to provide an intelligent, information management solutions, to achieve an efficient, accurate, fast, anti cheating new weighing intelligent management mode. RFID technology makes unattended weighing management intelligent.

In order to realize the vehicle RFID automatic identification and information management, improve the vehicle traffic efficiency and safety, and make statistics of vehicle access data, so as to facilitate the scheduling of management personnel, reduce the labor intensity of management personnel, and effectively prevent the charging loopholes. Intelligent weighing management system is an automatic recognition function of weighing vehicles based on remote RFID technology in the original weighing management system, and integrates the weighing vehicle information collected automatically into the weighing management system. The intelligent weighing management system can increase the passing speed of the measuring department by 3-4 times, and effectively prevent the economic losses caused by human fraud through automatic identification and accurate measurement of vehicle number. After the implementation of the system, the labor intensity of the staff and the error rate of manual weighing are greatly reduced, the transparency of the management process is improved, and the informatization process of the enterprise is promoted.

A complete set of RFID management system is composed of reader, tag and application software system. Its working principle is that the reader transmits a specific frequency of radio wave energy to tag, which is used to drive the tag circuit to send out the internal data. At this time, the reader will receive and interpret the data in order and send it to the application program for corresponding processing.

There are two kinds of products derived from RFID Technology: passive RFID products and active RFID products.

RFID technology makes unattended weighing management intelligent and promotes enterprise informatization

1. Passive RFID products

Passive RFID products are the earliest, most mature and most widely used products in the market. For example, bus cards, canteen meal cards, hotel access cards, second-generation ID cards, parking cards, etc. can be seen everywhere in our daily life. The main working frequencies of the products are low frequency 125kHz, high frequency 13.56MHz and ultra high frequency 915MHz.

Low frequency 125kHz, commonly known as ID card frequency band, reading distance is generally required in 5-8cm. This frequency band is widely used, such as dining card, membership card, access card, etc. Because of its low cost, simple application and other advantages, it is very popular in some applications involving RFID. In addition, the low frequency 134khz injection label is also very common in animal management applications such as cats and dogs.

High frequency 13.56MHz, commonly known as IC card frequency band, reading distance is generally required in 5-8cm. At present, the second generation ID card used in our country uses 13.56MHz frequency band, and the protocol is 14443b. This frequency band is widely used in bus card and library card.

UHF 915MHz, which is more widely used in RFID, is 860-960mhz. Several major countries and regions use different frequency bands, such as 902-928mhz for American Standard, 860-868mhz for European standard, and 920-925mhz for our country. At present, the application is mainly based on American Standard, and the center frequency is 915MHz, so it is collectively referred to as 915. This frequency band is divided into two main protocols: ISO 18000-6b and 6C, of which 6b is the old protocol and 6C is the new protocol. The reading distance is generally 0-30 meters, depending on the power of the read-write module, antenna gain and tag size. UHF 915m has these advantages: long non-contact reading distance (0-30m), multi label anti-collision reading, fast recognition speed, high-speed moving object recognition, long life, intelligent control, high reliability and other advantages. At present, it is more and more widely used in the Internet of things

2. Active RFID products

Active RFID products have developed slowly in recent years. It has great application in the field of remote automatic recognition, such as intelligent prison, home school communication and so on. Active RFID is a new force in this field, which belongs to remote automatic identification. The main operating frequencies of the products are UHF 433MHz, microwave 2.45GHz and 5.8gmhz.

At present, the RFID products used in our unattended weighing system are passive RFID products, and the working frequency is 900-960mhz. With the contactless induction card swiping technology, unattended can be realized. When the car stops on the scale platform, the weighing software automatically collects the vehicle information through RFID equipment. After the weighing software judges that the weighing data is stable, it captures the photos and saves the gross weight or tare weight at the same time. A camera can capture the driver’s photos when swiping the card, and then print the documents, the vehicle is released, and the next car starts. When a car has passed the tare weight for the second time, the software will automatically call out and collect the vehicle information. After the software judges that the vehicle is stable, it will start to capture the tare weight photos, save the weight at the same time, and then combine the data with the gross weight for the first time into a record, calculate the net weight, and then print the document. In this way, the data of gross weight, tare weight and net weight of the car, the photos of gross weight and tare weight as well as the driver’s card number are saved in the computer. The card number corresponds to the car number one by one. Therefore, RFID unattended weighing system is widely used in power plants, coal mines, non-ferrous metal mines, garbage dumps, freight stations and other units.

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