On december7,2020, the Crick County Committee of the United States signed a contract with guardian to provide RFID services for the new prison prisoner tracking system. Andrew Goforth, assistant district attorney, pointed out that although Guard1, another bidding company, has low cost and less training, its equipment is not suitable for daily operation, and they have not made field visits. Leon Warner, the head of the Second District, discussed the specifications of the project and said that these and the reasons submitted by guardian were the reasons for their winning the bid. The transaction price was US $42798.75.

Goforth said that he has reviewed guardian’s contract and believes that two points need to be emphasized. First, there are compensation provisions. Second, there are confidentiality provisions. According to the confidentiality clause, Crick county shall notify the company and its legal team 15 days in advance of any information requested for public records.

As mentioned earlier, the system involves RFID devices. RFID system is a security measure, which will greatly reduce human errors in prison. Each prisoner will be given a number and a coded wristband at the time of registration. Police officers scan wristbands when counting numbers, distributing military supplies, when certain military supplies (such as razors) are used, when distributing and handing in food trays, when prisoners leave the prison to go to court, when prisoners leave the cell, and in other cases.

Another benefit is that RFID will allow police officers to keep a distance from prisoners when counting numbers, which is a valuable security precaution during an outbreak.

The prison can not only track the whereabouts and movements of prisoners in real time, but also analyze which prisoners gather in some places or who is nearby when fighting occurs. This can help the police reduce work pressure and even prevent riots. The system has been successfully applied in other prisons in the region, including those in Tulsa county.

Guardian RFID’s bid was unanimously approved by the board of directors.
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