When staying in the hotel, scan the small procedures in the guest room with your mobile phone, you can instantly see the replacement time of the bedding, quilt cover, bath towel, tea cup and other articles in the guest room; when the cleaner wipes the toilet with the toilet cloth, “it doesn’t make a sound”, if it is used to wipe the basin or other areas, the system will immediately alarm, and synchronously transmit the relevant warning information to the management background At the Wugong Hotel on Fuzhou Road in Shanghai, such an intelligent system, which can realize the “traceability” management of the cleaning, cleaning and disinfection of the hotel rooms’ linen, cups and toilets, has attracted various onlookers and questions from people inside and outside the industry.

RFID assisted intelligent traceability system to solve the problem of hotel room cleaning

The cleaning process of linen and cups in guest rooms can be traced back

At the end of last year, Weibo big V “always lost the golden cudgel” used a long video of more than 11 minutes to expose the daily life of several five-star hotel cleaners: after wiping the toilet with a cloth, wiping the cup with a bath towel and toilet brush together, wiping the cup with shampoo glass water Among these five-star hotels, there are many famous hotel brands, such as Sheraton, Waldorf, Wangfu Peninsula, and pogli, which cause the public relations crisis of the whole hotel industry for a while, and also make a series of problems, such as low treatment, long working hours, and difficult room cleaning supervision, emerge, but there is no good solution.

When “wipe to the end with a rag” becomes the difficulty of the whole hotel industry, how to effectively supervise the cleaning procedures of cleaning personnel? How can we win back the trust of the guest in the sanitary condition of the hotel room articles? After trying to launch the intelligent guest room system a year and a half ago, Wugong Hotel, in cooperation with a third-party technology company, started a new attempt: to build a set of “hotel Internet of things intelligent management system” by using chip technology, so as to realize the integration, monitoring and the whole operation process of cleaning, cleaning, disinfection and replacement of the hotel guest room linen, cups and toilets Traceability management.

The reporter saw that there was a small black spot at the bottom of the inverted cup. Here is the chip that can trace the whole process of the traceability system; there are similar devices on the special red dishcloth for the toilet. Shi Xiaowei, an engineer of Shanghai Suqu Information Technology Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the development of the system, told the reporter: “the reason why the cleaning and disinfection procedures of guest room supplies can be traced is that RFID chips are embedded in the bottom of teacups and linen, and RFID and positioning technology are used for tracking. As long as the guests scan the two-dimensional code of the small procedures, they can know each linen, cup ware and horse When to clean and disinfect the barrel, when to replace it, and whose specific operation is it. ” Shi Xiaowei said that after the special dishcloth for cleaning the toilet is implanted into the “core” piece, the background intelligent management system can locate and track it, whether it is special cloth or not. If the special toilet cloth is not wiped in the scope of the toilet seat, but wiped other places, the monitoring of the background intelligent management system will immediately warn, and the management personnel can deal with it in a timely manner, technically eliminating the possibility of illegal operation of the cleaning personnel, and changing the status quo of relying on a single system and manual supervision in the past.

It took nearly two years for the whole health traceability system to work out, and there were many difficulties and setbacks. “All the data need to be scanned and entered by Aunt Procter and gamble with a handheld device. After the first version comes out, we find that aunt is not used to it, so we have to push it all over again.” Shi Xiaowei said that before setting the second version of the operation interface of the handheld device, the operation habits of the cleaning personnel were inquired at every step, which was as simple as possible. Finally, the cleaning personnel could complete the scanning and entry process of these traceable supplies in 5 minutes, and update the status in the background management system. At the same time, the intelligent disinfection cabinet system for reading tea cup and coffee cup cleaning data, and the linen channel for reading linen transportation and cleaning data have been adjusted many times. For residents, it only needs a simple code scanning action to get the information.

Traceability systems stand up to “questioning”

In the process of on-site demonstration of guest rooms, this set of traceability system of guest room supplies also attracted many questions.

For example, how to deal with the unused towels and bath towels after the guests leave? In the standard double bed room, there is a piece of cloth on the bed that has not been used. Do you want to change it or not? When the special toilet cloth is out of the use range, the background will “alarm”, so what if the cleaning personnel use the special toilet cloth to clean the toilet? How to solve the increased working time and labor cost after the cleaning personnel are required to wipe the corresponding room area with 6 rags?

To this end, Liu Zhiqin, former general manager and intelligent development consultant of Shanghai New World Holiday Hotel Management Co., Ltd., told reporters that there was a debate in the hotel about how to deal with unused linen products – not to change. After new guests check in and scan the code, they will find that the time for changing linen products may be a few days ago; to change is to clean the clean linen again and enter it into the scanning Procedures, increased the workload of cleaning personnel. Before the implementation of intelligent tracing system, the original clean cloth can be kept as it is.

“The end result of our discussion is to change it all!” Liu Zhiqin said that on the first day of the implementation of the intelligent tracing system, there was a case in which the cleaning aunt figure was convenient, the original clean sheets and quilts in the room were not moved, and the new sheets and quilts that needed to be replaced were directly thrown into the dirty linen basket. As a result, the background system showed that the cleaning was not completed, and the hotel management corrected it. Later, no such case happened. Similarly, if the cleaning personnel use the dishcloth to clean the toilet, and the special toilet cloth is not used, the background will show that the use of the toilet cloth is blank, so as to achieve the effective supervision of the cleaning procedure technically.

The head of Wugong Hotel told reporters that after the implementation of the intelligent tracing system, each cleaning staff increased their working time in each room by about 5 minutes. So far, cleaning staff have been able to accept this time increment, and also believe that “although it will be hard, it should be done.” From the hotel side, in addition to a certain investment in the development of the whole system, the chip itself costs only a few cents, which can be ignored. But through this system, this type of room is very popular with the guests. The room price is 200 yuan higher than that of the ordinary room, and some people want to stay by name. The rental rate has increased by 8 percentage points. In addition, the loss rate of cloth and grass, which used to be as high as 20% in the hotel, has also been curbed. The loss of more than 100000 yuan can be recovered every year, and both economic news and social benefits have been reaped.

It will be promoted to more hotels in the future

A senior hotel star rating staff admitted that “wipe to the end with a rag” was a common phenomenon in the hotel cleaning process before, and it was difficult to supervise. Even for some top brand hotels, star reviewers found in the inspection process that the hotel did not have enough space to store enough dishcloth, which shows that the standardized operation of six dishcloth pieces was not implemented in place. Liu Zhiqin also mentioned that when he stayed in a hotel abroad, he had seen the service personnel wipe the basin and cup with a rag, which shows that this is a worldwide problem.

Because of this, the intelligent traceability system of Housekeeping Products has attracted the attention of all parties after the pilot project of Wugong hotel. So far, the system has obtained 2 national invention patents and 9 software copyright patents, and will become one of the highlights of refined hotel management. In the future, this system will also be promoted in 11 hotels under the New World Holiday Hotel Management Company, and will be extended to more hotels when conditions are mature.

Another gratifying phenomenon is that in about two months since the trial operation of the traceability system, 97% of the guests in this type of room have scanned the QR code of the small program provided in the room to understand the renewal and disinfection time of the room supplies, and many experts in the hotel industry have come to learn from it. “We didn’t expect such high attention!” Liu Zhiqin exclaimed.


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