Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), a leading global provider of high-performance signal processing solutions, recently launched RadioVerse™ technology and design ecosystem to provide customers with integrated transceiver technology, a robust design environment and market-specific Technical expertise that enables its radio designs to quickly go from concept to product. The new ecosystem of transceiver technologies reduces radio size, weight and power (SWaP), and the design environment provides board-level support packages, software and tools to help customers simplify and accelerate radio development for a variety of applications including wireless infrastructure, aerospace Aerospace and Defense Electronics, Electronic Test and Measurement. RadioVerse redefines radio design at the circuit, architecture, system and software levels to simplify integration and accelerate customer time-to-market.

As part of the release of the RadioVerse technology and design ecosystem, Analog Devices has introduced the AD9371, the latest addition to its family of integrated wideband RF transceivers. It is a highly flexible carrier-grade system-on-chip radio solution that enables a wide RF tuning range of 300 MHz to 6 GHz, 100 MHz signal bandwidth, and sub-5W power consumption under standard operating conditions. It can replace or eliminate up to 20 discrete radios and can be used as a common design platform for multiple applications and standards, increasing R&D efficiency and reducing time-to-market for end products. The wideband RF transceiver family also includes other products such as the AD9361 and AD9364.

Learn more about the RadioVerse technology and design ecosystem, including the wideband RF transceiver product family

"The ADI RadioVerse technology and design ecosystem demonstrates our systematic approach to innovation, and our solutions go beyond silicon to enable designers to get products to market faster and reduce costs," said Rick Hess, executive vice president of the Communications Business Unit at Analog Devices. The industry-leading RadioVerse radio technology gives our customers a competitive advantage, enabling them to serve their own customers in innovative ways."

RadioVerse Technology and Design Ecosystem Accelerates Time to Market

The ADI RadioVerse technology and design ecosystem accelerates customers' time-to-market by providing integrated RF transceivers, software APIs, design support packages, comprehensive documentation, the ADI EngineerZone® online technical support community and other resources. RadioVerse offers integrated wideband RF transceiver evaluation boards that interface directly with FPGA development platforms, enabling customers to perform chip-level performance evaluations and rapidly develop complete radio prototypes using a single hardware platform. These evaluation boards are also supported by a tool kit that includes HDL, Linux drivers, software API, GUI, and design files that customers need to jumpstart their designs. An accurate and verifiable model of the AD9371 transceiver can be developed using MATLAB and Simulink, enabling advanced simulation and analysis of the transceiver. End users can use the model to configure transceivers, verify performance, correct problems earlier, and accelerate their RF system designs.

The RadioVerse design environment will continue to expand to include third-party design houses, COTS providers and other partners to better help customers rapidly deploy products to market.

Highest Bandwidth Integrated RF Transceiver Delivers High Performance and Flexibility

The AD9371 integrated wideband RF transceiver is ideal for applications such as wireless communications, aerospace and defense electronics, and electronic test and measurement equipment that require high-performance radios over a wide frequency range while maintaining industry-leading levels of low power consumption. Covering the 300 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range, the AD9371 supports receiver and transmit large-signal instantaneous bandwidths up to 100 MHz, observation receiver and transmit synthesis bandwidths up to 250 MHz, fully integrated LO and clock functions, and highly advanced on-chip Calibration and correction algorithms. It supports a wide range of standards and applications, reducing the number of design variables customers need, resulting in lower device and development costs. The versatility, ease of use, and lower SWaP of the AD9371 allow designers to deploy radios in a variety of applications including:

Small form factor, multi-band base stations in buildings, lamp posts and office walls

· Long-range HD video links in unmanned aerial vehicles

· Wide bandwidth military satellite communication system

· Electronic test and measurement equipment that supports multi-mode, multi-band application testing.

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