The first product of stm32h7 new series is stm32h743, which is based on 400MHz arm cortex-m7 kernel. At that time, as the highest performance microcontroller based on Cortex-M core of arm in the current market, it was also the industry’s first cortex-m7 microcontroller with 40nm flash manufacturing process, and the first microcontroller with 400MHz operating frequency. These major improvements enabled stm32h743 to set a record of 856dmips computing performance test, Coremark scored 2010.

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Dynamic power consumption is half lower than stm32f7

In general, high performance is always accompanied by high energy consumption, but stm32h7 seems to break this “law”. Renaudbouzereau said: “compared with the previous product stm32f7, the performance of stm32h7 is doubled, but the dynamic power consumption is reduced by half, and the power control is more flexible.”

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So what are the secrets of stm32h7 in power control?


Stm32h7 series microcontrollers create multiple storage domains that support dynamic energy efficiency power management. D1, D2 and D3 domains are used for processing intensive tasks and peripherals interconnected by high-performance Axi bus matrix (D1 domain), communication connection tasks (D2 domain) and energy-saving batch processing mode (D3 domain). To maximize the energy saving effect, each power domain can be switched independently. When off, programmable events can reactivate it.


The 40nm chip manufacturing process is adopted to realize the dynamic voltage adjustment.


The establishment of data batch processing mode can directly send the data into the memory in batch without waking the CPU from the energy-saving mode.

This series of combination fists make stm32h7 achieve a perfect balance between high performance and low power consumption.

Aiming at intelligent application of Internet of things

Stm32h7 microcontroller is suitable for industrial gateway, home automation, telecommunication equipment and intelligent consumer electronics, as well as high-performance motor control, household appliances and small household appliances with rich user interface functions.

In addition to bringing more powerful performance for IOT applications, stm32h7 also integrates cryptographic algorithm accelerator and secure key storage to ensure IOT hardware data security.

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