MacBook Air fans are not hard to find. Although I admit that I have some doubts about its introduction, over the years, notebook computers have grown from a small point with insufficient power to a tool that is not valued. However, there has been little change since the design came out – at least before today’s apple press conference, apple packaged a newly designed air with a retinal display and touch ID – and the new price of $1199.

“When Steve took out the MacBook Air from that envelope, it was clear that things would never be the same,” CEO Tim Cook recalled in his introduction. “The MacBook Air really accepted the concept of” less is more “. In the process, it redefined the modern notebook. The MacBook Air has become the most popular laptop ever. It’s time to buy a new MacBook Air, which takes the MacBook Air experience further into the most important area for our customers.” (yes, he said the product name was like this five times in a row.)

The new air is obviously designed for budget buyers who are held back by the 12 “MacBook. Although the MacBook is very popular, it is not flawless and not cheap. For those who want to buy a new Mac laptop for less than $1 million, air is their best choice (actually the only choice).

Although the old air has been updated and there was no new configuration until last year, the display has always been an obvious defect. Even in 2008, 1440 × 900 is nothing to boast about, let alone today ten years later. This is made up of a new high-resolution 13.30 inch screen: inch and 2560 × 1600 fixed.

Retinal display and touch ID technology of MacBook Air

Of course, the courage to support the display and the tasks you will perform on it also require a serious collision. Therefore, the new air has an 8th generation Intel processor, possibly with integrated graphics. This may be enough to play fortrite, which is the most important.

As for the design, it is really difficult to improve the original design; Its knife shaped outline was amazing at its debut. Since then, it has maintained almost the same style, with a solid keyboard and (unfortunately) a fairly prominent border. At least, the bezel is gone and replaced by a thinner black one. The sign of the air is gone, but you won’t see anyone cry.

At least it’s still aluminum, and now it’s all recycled aluminum, apple proudly explained. Help make it more sustainable. The touchpad is a new force touch version, which means that there will be no actual movement when you click. This is a mixed blessing. It’s quite large, at least, and the laptop itself is a little smaller and lighter.

Of course, the addition of touch ID and the safe Enclave to run it are popular. Many people may miss touch bar. So far, it has not shown any important practical functions beyond some professional applications and workflows. You can use the F key, which is a good choice.

Unfortunately, Apple also decided to change the keyboard. The old air uses a tried and true scissors switch, while my 2012 model is still like a dream. The new model uses the critically criticized butterfly switch mechanism. The keyboard proved to be one of Apple’s most serious engineering mistakes in years. Many people complained about its noise, key failure and discomfort. Aviation enthusiasts may find this very disappointing.

The various ports of MBA, including usb-a and SD card reader, have certainly disappeared and replaced with thunderbolt 3. It’s a pity to lose these legacy ports. They are still very useful.

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