Respawn entertainment, EA’s famous game studio, announced its first VR game “Medal of honor” in September 2019. In a recent interview, the team said that they realized that VR still faced many challenges. In addition to providing a comfortable experience, the game also needed to be cautious in realism and killing.

Respawn realized that the VR version of medal of honor still faced many challenges

Vince zampella, co-founder of respawn entertainment, said when talking about VR and games under development in an interview with the Los Angeles Times: “With the increasing accuracy, VR becomes more immersive, and people feel like they are really there. In the game, you may think, ‘did I hurt another person who looks more real?’ this is something we must be very vigilant. When you are in an environment of life and death and a real historical event, you will fight for the interests of other virtual people It does harm to other virtual people, and this simulation is valuable to the world. “

Medal of Honor: above is a game set during World War II in the early 1940s. Players will act as alliance agents of OSS. So far, what has been announced includes fighting in a European town and infiltrating a hotel full of Gestapo. In order to bring players a more real immersion experience, respawn brings real weapons, background items and scenery to the game in history.

Respawn realized that the VR version of medal of honor still faced many challenges

In addition to faithful history showing the fear of life and death faced by soldiers at that time, the game also includes a story gallery so that players can listen to the real historical stories of the surviving veterans of World War II. Peter Hirschmann, the game creator, said: “Not long ago, we learned about a veteran named Frank who served in the Pacific Ocean. He told his real experience in submarine service. This story is crazy. Therefore, we want to show everything in the game. They were only 19-year-old children, and our target audience is people of this age. Therefore, if we can establish the same relationship through the game Mind and stimulate people’s imagination, which will let them know more about conflict and history. “

In 2020, zampella will allocate time between respawn and another EA studio dice La, which is famous for the Star Wars: front line and battlefield series. Zampella will be responsible for both studio projects.


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