In recent years, the State Grid Ningbo power supply company Jiangdong power supply station distribution operation and maintenance personnel Lin xudeng’s work schedule, there have been some subtle changes. The work of “regular inspection of poly · yinjiangnan No.1 power distribution room” has been crossed out, and “regular online inspection of feedback information of 5g distribution room” is added.

Representative evaluation of 5g + smart grid: the first 5g distribution room in Ningbo has been put into operation

“Less on-site inspection of the distribution room can save about 40 minutes of time, which can be used to undertake key equipment maintenance, replacement of old equipment and other urgent tasks.” “Although the” 5g distribution room “is only a partial pilot project with a small influence range and is still in the experimental stage, I really feel that it has been changed by the new technology,” said linshten

This power distribution room hidden in the deep green belt of the community is a “5g + smart grid” benchmark product jointly built by Zhejiang Mobile Ningbo branch and State Grid Ningbo power supply company in early June this year, which is the first in China. In the room, the reporter saw the small cloud base station and the 5g inspection robot running automatically along the track. The high-definition camera completes the image shooting under the remote control, and transmits it to the background through the high-speed 5g network.

The distribution network is the key node connecting the main power grid and users, which is close to the common people. However, in the actual operation process, there are some problems such as weak foundation, low degree of automation, and the safety and reliability are slightly lagging behind. The application of 5g technology is undoubtedly a good prescription to solve the pain point.

Under the 5g HD lens, each text, number and pointer on the power distribution cabinet are clearly visible, which is convenient for the backstage staff to master accurate information and deal with problems in time, thus eliminating the trouble of manual on-site verification. In addition, the temperature, humidity, ground water level, insulation gas leakage and other environmental data of the distribution room, as well as the warning and isolation area of the front and rear doors of the switch cabinet, are under close monitoring. Once abnormal conditions occur, it will be reported to the background and automatically trigger the response mechanism. When there are irrelevant personnel breaking in, the lights will be turned on automatically and the background alarm will be given.

“In the 5g power distribution room, the operation and maintenance is fully automated, and there is almost no need for staff to enter the site.” Now, linshten only needs to remotely operate 5g robots once a day in the morning and in the afternoon, and each time he inspects 9 to 10 points, which takes only 10 minutes. “If the technology is popularized, it will play an important role in saving labor costs and improving operation and maintenance efficiency.”

At present, poly India Jiangnan No.1 power distribution room is the only 5g power distribution room in the city, which provides a “5g intelligent lock” for the power supply safety of 344 households in the community. “Next, we plan to connect 5g robots with Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, which can not only accurately monitor and transmit real-time data, but also multi device linkage and automatic processing.” The person in charge of Ningbo power supply company of State Grid hopes that the “distribution brain” at home will continue to evolve, strengthen the power grid and benefit the masses.

Reporter’s notes

Before, there was only one 5g distribution room in Ningbo, and its influence scope was relatively limited, but its value was reflected in the radiation effect after its wide application.

According to the regulations of Ningbo power grid, each distribution room is inspected manually every two months. A power supply station usually administers more than 1000 power distribution rooms, which means that the inspection work alone will cost 500 person times per month. At the same time, it also consumes a lot of time in the process of application process, vehicle coordination and back and forth. The 5g distribution room basically realizes 100% of “machine replacement”. After popularization, a large number of transportation and inspection personnel can put into more sudden and important work, such as substation equipment maintenance, new user access, old equipment replacement, etc., which makes the operation of Ningbo power grid more flexible and efficient.

The “intelligent transformation” of a power distribution room can shorten the annual power outage time of hundreds of households by about one minute, which seems to be a minor change. However, when 5g power distribution rooms are all over the community and even the whole city, the one minute change is a leap forward progress in the construction of smart grid.

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