In previous rumors, LG expected to launch a new machine may be named after G8 thinq and equipped with a “spliceable” second screen design, while foreign media further released pictures of the appearance of the suspected new machine.

At present, the specific details of G8 thinq are uncertain, but according to LG’s previous disclosure, it will be equipped with a gesture operation design that can replace screen touch. At the same time, the area of the internal heat sink will be further increased, so as to deal with the high heat that may be generated by 5g network chips in the future. In the relevant news, it is also pointed out that the new machine will add the second screen design of “splicing”, so as to compete with the screen foldable mobile phones of Samsung and other brands, so that the mobile phone screen can “become larger” with the use demand.

The actual appearance of G8 thinq is similar to that of G7 thinq launched last year, but the four corners are more rounded. At the same time, the physical power key is still reserved on the right, and the volume adjustment key and the independent key that can call out Google assistant service are reserved on the left.

As for the back still retains fingerprint recognition, the main camera part maintains the central horizontal arrangement design, and the front camera is integrated with the bangs on the front screen. However, with more sensing elements, it may further increase the face recognition technology. In addition, it is expected to add a larger battery capacity design and support the wireless charging function of Qi technical specification.

The fuselage seems to retain a 3.5mm headphone hole and a bottom sound cavity, but it has been reported that LG may add screen vibration sound generation technology to the new machine.

LG is expected to announce the new machine at the pre MWC 2019 event on February 24, and more details are expected to be announced at that time.

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