According to foreign media reports, on February 19 local time, Renesas Electronics Corporation of Japan announced the development and successful operation of an automobile test chip, which can realize the next generation of automobile control flash microcontroller (MCU) using 28 nm low-power technology. Renesas electronics is the world’s leading supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions.

The MCU has four 600 MHz CPUs (central processing units), with step locking mechanism and 16MB flash memory capacity, as well as: 1. Virtualization auxiliary function supporting MCU Virtualization: this technology allows multiple software components to run on one MCU without interference, so as to meet the requirements of the highest vehicle safety integrity level ASIL D specified in the ISO 26262 functional safety standard for road vehicles.

2. The built-in self-test function (BIST) is enhanced and can be used for MCU self diagnosis and fault detection, which is also a necessary function to meet ASIL D. ASIL D can be satisfied because it is equipped with the newly developed built-in self-test function of standby recovery, which can perform the built-in self-test function during standby recovery.

3. Network functions such as Gigabit Ethernet interface for high-speed transmission of sensor information have been enhanced.

Renesas will present its test results at the 2019 International Solid State Circuit Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco from February 17 to 21

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