Renesas technologies announced the launch of sh7216 series 32-bit flash memory microcontrollers (flash microcontrollers). This series is a new member of 32-bit super RISC series. It realizes 200 MHz operation and a large number of built-in peripherals and communication functions for industrial applications such as AC servo, FA (factory automation) equipment, building automation (air conditioning and power monitoring equipment) and various communication equipment. The sh7216 series contains 36 devices in 12 product groups, with different on-chip memory capacities and package types.

Renesas flash memory microcontroller can realize 200MHz and other functions for industrial applications

Main features of sh7216 series

Sh7216 uses sh2a-fpu as CPU core, which adds FPU function to sh-2a and can perform double precision floating-point operations 10 times faster than previous products;

The new product series provides up to 1MB high-speed flash memory to store larger and larger programs, so as to meet the requirements of new equipment for higher functions;

The new product family also provides up to 128KB of on-chip RAM, which eliminates the need for external SRAM and SDRAM, which helps to achieve miniaturization and reduce the cost of application system;

Sh7216 series products provide high-speed communication interface product lines for ASSP devices, such as Ethernet and USB, but these interfaces are integrated into the same chip in the same way as the previous serial communication interfaces;

The sh7216 microcontroller also provides a large number of other peripheral functions, including data transmission controller and DMAC function which can reduce CPU load, and data storage flash memory which can save status information in case of power failure;

The sh7216 series devices can be powered by a single 3.3V digital system power supply, thus simplifying the external power supply system, and they can provide sufficient dynamic range by using 5V analog system power supply;

These devices are packaged in 176 lead LQFP (24 × 24 mm), 176 lead LQFP (20 × 20 mm) and 176 lead BGA (13 × 13 mm).

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