The non-contact sensor without magnet has high precision and easy customization,Achieve smaller weight and size and complete immunity to stray magnetic fields in the vehicle.

Tokyo, Japan, January 28, 2021 – Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a global semiconductor solution provider, today announced the launch of ips2550 magnet free inductive position sensor. Ips2550 improves the performance and is easy to customize. It is completely immune to stray magnetic field interference and achieves smaller weight and size. It is an ideal choice for high-speed motor reversing absolute position sensor in passenger cars, heavy commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles and motorcycles. With its optimized bill of materials, the new sensor enables customers to customize the sensor design for their applications cost effectively and maximize the sensor accuracy.

Customers can also combine the new sensor with Renesas microcontroller (MCU), grid driver and motor driver to build a complete motor commutation solution for traction motor, electric power steering, starter generator and other motor applications.

Chris Tian wolf, vice president of automotive sensors division of Renesas electronics, said: “Renesas launched a new inductive position sensing technology for industrial motors in June last year, which has received a good market response. We are very pleased with this, and look forward to bringing the advantages of this technology to customers in the automotive field through the new product ips2550. As a thinner and lighter non-contact sensor, ips2550 continues to provide the required high performance and stability for automotive applications, and has the characteristics of flexibility and easy customization, enabling manufacturers to independently manufacture resolver or magnetic sensor replacement products economically and efficiently. “

Based on Renesas inductive position sensing technology, the magnet free ips2550 supports a maximum speed of 600krpm (electric cycle), and is designed around the motor, while adapting to off-axis (through axis and shaft side) and shaft end layout. Compared with alternative sensing technology, customers can match the number of sectors with the number of motor poles and improve the accuracy in a cost-effective way. The light and thin shape of the sensor and the complete stray magnetic field anti-interference make it easier to integrate the motor, and provide customers with the standard materials required for the independent manufacturing of resolver alternatives, thus reducing the BOM cost. Ips2550 is developed based on iso26262 standard. As a single IC, it can support the most challenging functional safety critical applications and meet the system level requirements of asil-c (d).

Key features of ips2550

  • High flexibility and scalability (based on the number of motor poles), supporting shaft end, off-axis and shaft side alignment
  • Certified by aec-q100, it can operate stably in harsh environment and ambient temperature from – 40 ° to + 160 ° C
  • Sine / cosine gain offset and offset compensation, improve accuracy and production stability
  • Speed: up to 600krpm (electric cycle)

Renesas also provides a variety of ready-made tools, which can be used by novices or experts in the field of motor commutation to easily create customized sensor elements.

As the latest member of Renesas inductive position sensing product lineup, ips2550 has joined the company’s powerful vehicle application product portfolio, including MCU, system on chip (SOC), simulation and power management, to provide comprehensive solutions. As a part of BLDC motor control solutions in Renesas’s “successful product portfolio”, ips2550 can help customers further speed up the design and shorten the time to market. “Successful product portfolio” covers rich analog + power + embedded processing (MCU and SOC) products of Renesas.

Supply information

Ips2550 is now available, and the unit price of 1000 tablets is $4.76. Ips2500 stkit Evaluation Kit is also available. (price or supply information is subject to change without prior notice.)

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