Single chip solution with large capacity memory and ultra compact package to meet a wide range of needs

Tokyo, Japan, September 8, 2021 – Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a global semiconductor solution supplier, today announced the launch of 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) rx671, adding a new high-performance, multi-functional single-chip solution with non-contact operation modes such as touch sensing and speech recognition to the popular RX product family. As a part of the popular mainstream rx600 series of Renesas, rx671 MCU is built based on rxv3 CPU core, with a running speed of 120mhz. The integrated flash memory supports 60MHz fast read access, realizing excellent real-time performance, and the coremark score is 707; The power efficiency is 48.8 coremark / MA, which is among the best in similar products.

Rx671 MCU provides a variety of packaging forms, with the number of pins ranging from 48 to 145. It has up to 2MB flash memory and 384Kb SRAM. It is very suitable for various applications requiring advanced functions, energy efficiency and compact size, such as HVAC, intelligent instruments and smart appliances. For equipment with limited size and requiring advanced functions, rx671 can provide 2MB flash memory and 4.5mm memory × 4.5mm ultra small size 64 pin TFBGA package.

COVID-19 has spawned new requirements for health and safety, as well as changing the way people interact with equipment and the environment, especially for a more hygienic non-contact user interface. The new rx671 MCU is optimized for non-contact applications and integrates a capacitive touch sensing unit with high sensitivity and excellent noise tolerance to realize non-contact proximity switches. In addition, the serial audio interface can be used to connect a digital microphone supporting long-distance speech recognition. These functions are combined with the speech recognition middleware of Renesas RX ecosystem partners, enabling developers to create excellent contactless applications using speech recognition in a short time.

Ito Rong, vice president of Renesas electronic Internet of things platform division, said: “I am pleased to announce the launch of rx671. This product with rxv3 CPU core not only brings new functions, but also is compatible with the popular rx651 in the current RX product family. This new product combines real-time performance, power efficiency, HMI function, security function and a variety of packaging options. I believe it can fully meet the needs of our customers.”

Rx671 integrates Renesas trusted secure IP (TSIP) as part of its built-in hardware security engine; The engine includes an encryption engine supporting AES, RSA, ECC and Sha, as well as a true random number generator (TRNG) and encryption key management mechanism. These functions are combined with on-chip dual area flash memory and protection mechanism to bring users safe firmware update and safe startup.

Renesas also launched two new evaluation boards based on the new MCU product group. The rx671 target board makes it easier to evaluate rx671 without external debugger; The rx671 development kit Renesas Starter Kit + supports a detailed evaluation of the main functions of MCU. Both boards are equipped with connectors that can connect Wi Fi PMOD expansion board (rtk00wfmx0b00000be), which is convenient for evaluation using wireless network connection. The combination of Renesas Starter Kit + and Wi Fi PMOD expansion board for rx671 has passed FreeRTOS certification, allowing users to obtain verified sample programs from GitHub and connect with AWS to start the development of rx671 immediately.

Renesas combines rx671 MCU with its supporting power supply devices to launch a complete non-contact key solution, which can be used to realize proximity sensing switches more in line with sanitary requirements on various devices, so as to prevent viruses or dirt from adhering to users’ fingers. This solution is one of Renesas’s “successful product portfolio” – composed of complementary analog + power + embedded processing products. As a proven complete solution, it is designed to help customers accelerate the design process and shorten the time to market. Based on a variety of products that can work seamlessly, Renesas has launched more than 250 “successful product portfolios” for a variety of applications and end products.

Supply information

Rx671 product group has launched 64, 100 and 144 pin lfqfp package models; 48 pin hwqfn, 64 pin TFBGA, 100 pin tflga, and 145 pin tflga packaging products are planned to start mass production in the first quarter of 2022. 64 pin lfqfp package version with 2MB flash memory, batch reference unit price of 10000 pieces is USD 4.94/piece (excluding tax, reference price and supply are subject to change without notice).

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