16 bit rl78 / F24 and rl78 / F23 provide enhanced connectivity, network security and functional security

Tokyo, Japan, December 16, 2021 – Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a global semiconductor solution supplier, today announced the launch of two new microcontrollers (MCU) – rl78 / F24 and rl78 / F23, which are specially designed for automotive actuator and sensor control applications and support the evolving edge applications in the next generation electronic and electrical (E / E) architecture. With the new rl78 / F24 and rl78 / F23, Renesas has expanded the rl78 low-power 16 bit MCU product family, strengthened Renesas’s extensive automotive electronic product camp, and provided customers with high reliability and high-performance solutions in fields from actuator to regional control.

As the electronic and electrical architecture is extended to regional and domain control applications, the control mechanism is also developing to adapt to the body control functions of automotive systems, such as lighting, window and rearview mirror, motor control of engine pump and fan, and multi-sensor control. Looking forward to the future, the high-speed and secure connection of regional and domain controllers will be the key task of edge electronic control unit (ECU). The next generation rl78 / F24 and rl78 / F23 MCU of Renesas meet the changing technical requirements of actuator and sensor control with rich connectivity, enhanced network security and functional security. The new product supports can FD high-speed communication protocol (rl78 / F24) and Evita light safety standard, and is optimized for systems that need to meet the requirements of asil-b level of ISO 26262 functional safety standard.

Naoki Yoshida, vice president of digital product marketing division of Renesas electronics and automobiles, said: “The development of electronic and electrical architecture has added new pressure to the already heavy development burden, and our customers have a high demand for efficient development of actuators. Based on our popular rl78 / F14 and rl78 / f13, Renesas’s new actuator and sensor control MCU allows developers to reuse most of the existing software and continue to promote the development of electronic and electrical architecture while reducing costs Evolution. “

The future of automotive system design lies in the vehicle centered and area oriented electronic and electrical architecture. This transformation further stimulates the requirements for higher-order functions and superior performance in the application of actuator controller. The operating frequency of the new rl78 / F24 and rl78 / F23 is about 70% higher than that of the previous generation, which more than doubles the performance of brushless motor control (BLDC) applications. Renesas also enhanced the hardware accelerator and clock functions for motor control, and added a 12 bit a / D converter to achieve the required enhancements and performance levels for customers.

Key features of rl78 / F24 and rl78 / F23

  • The operating frequency is 40MHz
  • Support a variety of connection interfaces, including can FD (rl78 / F24), Lin, SPI and I2C
  • Support Evita light security standard (support AES-128 / 192 / 256 ENCRYPTION algorithm)
  • It is compatible with rl78 / F14 and rl78 / f13 pins and has the same power efficiency
  • The on-chip flash memory capacity is 128KB or 256Kb
  • From compact 5mm × 5mm 32 pin QFN to 100 pin QFP
  • Supports operating temperatures up to 150 ° C
  • Rl78 / F24 target board and rl78 / F24 12V motor control evaluation system entry Kit (under development)

Supply information

Rl78 / F24 and rl78 / F23 will provide samples in April 2022 and plan to put into mass production in the second half of 2023.


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