Femtoclock2 product family clock products have ultra-low power consumption and ultra-low 75fs jitter in the industry, which can simplify the design.

Renesas Electronics Group (tse:6723), a global semiconductor solution provider, announced today that it will launch a new “point of use” clock solution with a jitter of less than 100fs for data centers, servers and network infrastructure to expand Renesas clock solutions. The new femtoclock2 product family includes ultra-low jitter clock generator and Jitter Attenuator, which are packaged in a 4mm x 4mm small package, and can configure an economical and simple clock tree for the new generation of high-speed interconnection design.

Femtoclock2 can provide ultra-low jitter performance up to 64fs RMS, enabling customers to easily meet the requirements of new switch or router designs for the new generation pam4. The femtoclock2 product family is packaged in 4mm x 4mm, which is less than one third of the size of similar solutions in the market. This enables designers to place the clock source at the point of use (i.e. very close to the device receiving the clock signal), so as to simplify PCB layout, reduce crosstalk and obtain cleaner signals. Excellent flexibility makes this series suitable for many applications. Femtoclock2 can be configured as DCO, clock generator or jitter attenuator to provide valuable design flexibility and reusability.

Bobby matinpour, vice president of clock products of Renesas electronic data center business unit, said: “Pam4 technology is promoting a significant leap in data transmission rate in the field of communication and data center, which also puts forward strict requirements for clocks in such systems. This time, we have expanded the popular femtoclock product lineup and launched a new high-performance product family to provide ultra-low jitter and low power consumption in a small size, so that clocks can be placed at any convenient position on the board. By eliminating the additional jitter related to clock routing on the circuit board Dynamic, greatly simplifying the design. “

Key features of the femtoclock2 product family

  • Jitter as low as 64fs (typ.) rms
  • 600MW low power consumption
  • Available in 24 and 28 pin, 4mm x 4mm QFN package
  • Single and dual input options with four differential outputs
  • Power supply noise suppression is better than -80db
  • Output to output isolation is -80dbc
  • Comply with ITU-T g.8262 and g.8262.1 standards for enhanced synchronous Ethernet /otn
  • Integrated crystal option to save more space

Users can combine the new femtoclock2 solution with Renesas’ small, single output, high-performance oscillators or a wider range of clockmatrixtm series clock solutions to meet the stringent requirements for clock products in the design of high-performance servers and network infrastructure. Femtoclock2 can also be seamlessly combined with the newly launched PTP clock manager based on IEEE1588 protocol. It can also be combined with rich power supplies and microcontrollers of Renesas to develop a variety of applications, such as the successful IEEE1588 product portfolio. As a downstream clock, femtoclock2 can achieve 100fs low jitter on the pin without interrupting synchronization.

As an advanced supplier, Renesas electronics provides “one-stop” clock solutions, covering professional technologies and products from full-function system solutions to simple clock tree building modules.

Supply information

Rc32504a and rc22504a femtoclock solutions and evaluation boards are now available.

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