Renesas electronics creates a new “Renesas ready partner network”, builds a strong and reliable technical partner community, and brings performance optimized commercial building blocks to RA, RX and rl78 MCU product lines

  • The program provides software building blocks for more than 100 trusted partners;
  • Solution out of the box, significantly accelerating product launch

Tokyo, Japan, October 20, 2021 – global semiconductor solution provider Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723) today announced the launch of a global technology partner network – “Renesas ready partner network”, which provides commercial building blocks for a wide range of MCU product lines. The wide range of solutions brought by the network face the important technologies required for the design of the next generation Internet of things, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, security and encryption, connectivity and cloud, man-machine interface, sensing and control, tools and user experience, as well as emerging or specific application technologies.

Renesas ready partner network provides users with easy access to a wide range of solutions with immersive technical content; Each solution includes a brief introduction, listing the advantages of the combination of third-party products and Renesas products. Customers can also access relevant videos, webinars and technical documents through the website.

Kaushal Vora, director of Renesas e-strategic partnerships and global ecosystems, said: “Renesas ready partner network cooperates with Renesas products to help users select and deploy core technology building modules more easily in complex Internet of things applications. We now have more than 100 solutions to simplify and accelerate the design process, and are constantly adding more strategic technologies. These technologies are combined with Renesas basic products to form unique, complementary and differentiated values.”

Third party partner solutions need to be combined with one or more product families of Renesas, used out of the box and verified before they can obtain Renesas ready partner network certification. In this network, each third-party solution will obtain the “RA ready”, “RX ready” or “rl78 ready” badge according to its different MCU products.

Roger wendelken, senior vice president of Renesas electronic Internet of things and Infrastructure Division, said: “Renesas ready partner network creates a common environment and method for customers to access third-party solutions for different MCU product lines of Renesas. We believe that this plan can be combined with Renesas preferred partner program centered on hardware ’Complement each other and further provide customers with complete software and hardware solutions. “

Supply information

The Renesas ready partner network is now online and users can visit the following website: 。 Among them, partners are classified by MCU ecosystem; In each MCU ecosystem, solutions are classified according to the focus of key technologies.

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