The extended I3C ecosystem now includes firmware, software and hardware to accelerate the certification and adoption of ddr5 solutions

April 29, 2021, Tokyo, Japan – Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a global semiconductor solution provider, announced today that Renesas I3C bus extension products have passed the megarac of its partner AMI ® Sp-x remote management software and firmware certification. I3C products are included in the list of AMI certified suppliers. Customers can easily migrate their ddr5 platform and cards from I2C or other traditional extender specifications to new high-speed I3C specifications.

Imx3102 2:1 bus multiplexer, imx3112 1:2 bus expander and ddr5 SPD hub spd5118 can bring great design flexibility to engineers. As a system management bus, I3C basic can be applied to various application scenarios of control plane design, including data center and server application, enterprise / factory automation and communication equipment. When there are multiple master devices, a large number of endpoint devices and long routing (these factors will affect the complexity and signal integrity of the bus), IMX and SPD devices will be the ideal choice.

Renesas’s rich I3C product portfolio ecosystem enables software and hardware customers to design safely in Renesas IMX and SPD products. This portfolio has been certified by hardware, board management controller (BMC) and other SOC partners.

With the rapid development of ddr5 in the industry, I3C is accepted by more and more customers as a high-speed control interface, which is used in the application of fast communication between the master device and peripheral or slave devices. I3C’s 12.5mhz rate significantly exceeds current and traditional solutions (such as I2C 1MHz rate and analog passive fast switching). Renesas has the market leading I3C technology, and its powerful I3C bus expansion products can be used for platform control, high efficiency, energy saving, high speed, safety and security applications.

Rami Sethi, vice president and general manager of Renesas electronic data center business unit, said: “at present, the industry is undergoing upgrading and transformation, such as moving the control graphic design to a faster and more robust I3C standard, which requires extensive ecosystem support at the hardware and software levels. Renesas is committed to working with outstanding software providers such as AMI to create an outstanding “out of the box” development experience for customers and ecosystem partners. “

Kelly Bryant, chief product officer of AMI, said: “due to the strong growth of data centers and the increasing demand for security infrastructure and more efficient hardware in industrial, automotive and telecommunication systems, the next generation I3C interface has become a trend. AMI is honored to be able to authenticate Renesas’s new ddr5 I3C bus extension and SPD hub device through megarac sp-x remote management firmware. AMI has a broad, advanced, manageable firmware ecosystem and supports many components. Over the years, excellent suppliers such as Renesas have seen the value of their products passing our firmware solution certification. Thanks to the strong cooperative relationship between AMI and Renesas, Renesas’s new I3C products and SPD products that have passed our certification can promote the construction of optimized firmware and software solutions, and strengthen the support for the common customers of both sides. “

Supply information

Renesas’s I3C devices and evaluation board are now on the market.

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