Container terminals and bonded warehouses are the distribution centers of goods and the key places of customs supervision. In the past, the monitoring of the area was basically carried out by personnel on-site inspection or spot check, which not only limited the monitoring time and space, but also low efficiency. Therefore, the establishment of a remote monitoring system covering the entire terminal can not only greatly enhance the safety management of the port, but also provide monitoring services for remote users, such as Haiguan and other departments.

Due to the limitation of wiring and transmission distance, the existing CCTV solutions have not been able to meet the needs of port monitoring. In view of this situation, based on MPEG4 compression technology and 802.11b wireless communication technology, the company puts forward a complete set of remote wireless video transmission and monitoring solutions suitable for application.

1、 The solution of onsee

Remote wireless video transmission and monitoring solution for port terminal

Onsee provides wireless spread spectrum technology and high-efficiency H.264 video compression technology, which can real-time and safely send the scene image to the monitoring center at the first time. It can be well applied to ports, docks, bonded area warehouses, expressways, etc., solving the problems of inconvenient wiring and inflexible wiring in traditional closed-circuit monitoring system.

Onseeserver monitoring center can monitor multiple video cameras on site in real time and adjust the monitoring orientation of each camera. You can even control the switch of electrical equipment in front of the center, such as lighting. The video server provides RS232 / RS485 adaptive data channel for control signal transmission.

Wireless AP adopts wireless digital spread spectrum technology, which can adapt to work well in strong interference area. By providing 128 bit WEP encryption, it can provide the same security level as wired network.

The system is compact, easy to implement and maintain, and the construction period is very short.

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