On May 9, at the spring inspection pre test site of 500 kV jiangjiaying substation, the maintenance personnel of State Grid Jibei Power Co., Ltd. successfully applied the power wireless 4G private network in the control center tens of kilometers away to remotely control the inspection robot in the substation. Under the remote control, the inspection robot carries out the inspection work in an orderly manner, and transmits the detected operation data to the control center in real time. The successful application of wireless private network to the remote control of inspection robot solves the technical problem that inspection robot cannot realize network control, and significantly improves the work efficiency and inspection quality.

“The communication between the traditional inspection robot and the control background adopts WiFi technology, which can only be operated by manual local control, and the inspection data can only be read locally, which brings great inconvenience to the front-line operators and low work efficiency.” Li Yintao, Ministry of science and information technology of North Hebei electric power of State Grid, introduced. With the continuous promotion of smart grid construction and the gradual maturity of unlimited private network technology, the company closely tracks the equipment operation and maintenance requirements, actively carries out business demand analysis, network security assessment and technical scheme formulation, innovatively puts forward the sector extension solution of wireless base station, and focuses on the communication security between wireless terminal and robot, power supply, interface matching, address conversion, antenna installation Six engineering and technical problems such as robot background control and desktop return.

“Without changing the appearance and safety protection performance of the robot, we solved the information security problem of robot remote control, successfully transmitted the robot business back to the remote control center by 4G wireless private network communication, realized the remote real-time remote control and monitoring of the robot, and transmitted the on-site high-definition picture, thermal imaging image and other information in real time.” Long Jing of the Ministry of science and information technology of North Hebei electric power of the State Grid said. At present, the relevant technical scheme of remote control of inspection robot has been popularized and applied in one 220 kV substation and four 110 kV substations, significantly improving the work efficiency and inspection quality.

In the next step, the State Grid North Hebei electric power will further strengthen information communication and work coordination among disciplines, deepen the application of new information and communication technologies according to the actual needs of production and management, and deeply study the bearing mode of power wireless private network for distribution automation, distribution maintenance, emergency communication, power information collection, infrastructure site video and other services while accelerating the improvement of the network control level of substation inspection robot, Improve the carrying capacity of power wireless private network for production and management business, maximize the comprehensive benefits of power wireless private network, and accelerate the transformation of production management mode from “decentralized control” to “intensive command” and from “manual drive” to “intelligent drive”.

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