With the vigorous development of the new energy vehicle market, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies have become more mature, the development of China’s auto industry has entered a new period, and has entered a stage of high-quality development in an all-round way. change. On September 5th, Autohome, a new one-stop experience platform built by Metaverse Technology, the Shanghai Store of Energy Space Station, officially opened. With a pioneering new retail model of automobiles, it opened a new era of experience for the next stop to see and test cars. New traction for China’s auto new energy retail market upgrade.

Four Values ​​Integrate to Create a New Auto Retail Experience

In the field of new energy vehicles, many brands have created a new service model of “online + offline”, resulting in fragmented sales and after-sales service channels. There is no unified standard in terms of quality and other aspects, and the overall service level of the industry needs to be improved.

Based on the insight into the traditional brand service model and user needs, Autohome creatively integrates the “four values” of usefulness, materiality, beauty and interest with the energy space station, and uses Metaverse technology to integrate the three aspects of viewing, selecting and testing. The big step is to create an immersive and exclusive interactive service. It aims to create a useful experience value with the three characteristics of saving time, worry and effort through the first new ABC model. It can realize one-stop viewing and testing services, exclusive Time and space objective evaluation, immersive metaverse experience. Not only that, the Autohome Energy Space integrates the new ecology of automobile culture, and provides users with popular new energy knowledge with expected service content, and touches the charm of new energy from 0 distance; with high-value Internet celebrity storefronts and digital star explanations, create a new energy source. Beautiful visual experience; with novel and interesting interactive games, it creates an interesting car buying experience.

Empowering Marketing Transformation to Create a New Model of Auto Retail

Nowadays, new technologies and new models of China’s auto industry are constantly emerging, and the competitive landscape is becoming more and more diverse. The low conversion rate of car potential customers, the high cost of obtaining customer leads and the surge in marketing costs have become marketing problems for major OEMs and dealers. Activating existing users and expanding incremental space has also become the current Chinese brand OEMs are competing in the automotive Red Sea market. Important considerations for placeholders.

Autohome empowers the automobile marketing industry chain through advanced technological advantages and innovative user experience, and launches the energy space station, which not only creates a one-stop “watch and test” service for users, but also empowers OEMs and dealers. Marketing reform, creating a new model of automobile marketing.

For OEMs, Autohome Energy Space Station leverages the advantages of Metaverse technology and relies on big data and artificial intelligence to break the stereotype of users’ traditional “watching and selecting tests” and going to offline 4S stores to “break their legs”, allowing users Experience the “Shop around, shop around” experience. At the same time, relying on the professional content support of Autohome, it transfers value to users from multiple dimensions of brand, product, technical advantages and service ecology, reduces user decision-making costs, helps OEMs tap new user growth points, and achieves cost reduction and increment.

For dealers, Autohome Energy Space Station directly delivers high-quality quasi-orders (rather than just a traditional sales lead) to dealership partners with full-scene digital services, greatly reducing the number of dealers’ DCC calls and The labor cost of sales consultants enables car dealers to achieve digital transformation.

It can be said that the Autohome Energy Space Station is the innovation of a new service model in the fields of new energy vehicle brand marketing, service, user operation, etc., fully empowering the transformation of new energy vehicle sales channels, and serving the consumer market in China’s new energy vehicle field. Again injected new vitality.

Not only the sales experience, but also the emotional bond between the user and the brand

At present, China’s auto market is changing from a “product-centric” to a “user-centric” model, and auto consumption is gradually changing from “material function” to “service experience”. Autohome is to thoroughly implement the “people-centered” consumption concept, fully focus on user experience, and open a new model of new energy vehicle brand marketing through the service platform of the energy space station.

Guided by user needs, Autohome keeps innovating and changing. Integrating the multi-dimensional experience of product value, Autohome hopes to build a complete user ecosystem through the energy space station, and create a value bond of deep link between users and car brands through service innovation of “mature channels + brand-new experience center”. At the same time, the energy space station chooses a core business district that is closer to the user’s living radius, which not only shortens the distance with the user, but also provides users with more convenient services.

As summarized by Mr. Yang Song, Senior Vice President of Autohome at the new retail brand conference, the energy space station has four characteristics of “1, 2, 3, 4”:

“1” concept, user-centered;

“2” Great value empowerment, empowering C-end users, saving time and effort and worrying about the selection and testing experience; empowering B-end OEMs and dealer partners to reduce costs and increase sales;

“3” innovations, the ABC model brings three innovative experiences of one-stop test drive service, exclusive objective evaluation of time and space, and immersive Metaverse technology;

“4” has an energy space station, which is useful, informative, attractive, and interesting. The four are valuable, and they are all available in one station.

With the rapid development of China’s auto market, consumers’ consumption awareness is also constantly evolving and upgrading. Starting from the energy space station, Autohome will continue to improve the channel layout, which will not only help to open up the communication between manufacturers and customers, but also improve the service experience of consumers, and continue to build a leading service system that meets Chinese consumers. Always adhering to the service concept of “people-centered”, the energy space station gallops the industry track with hard-core experience and high-quality service, builds the core competitiveness of the brand, and enables every user to have more value for money, professional reliability and peace of mind Effortless service experience.

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