The Internet of things technology realizes the low-cost collection of massive data, artificial intelligence realizes the mining of data value, and blockchain technology will expand the “digital space” of human society, help the exchange and opening of data value, and meet the problems of compliance, credibility and privacy protection in the use of data. Then, what will Internet of things + artificial intelligence + blockchain bring to the industrial chain?

Molian technology, a start-up company, believes that the integration of blockchain, Internet of things and artificial intelligence will become the next generation of trusted data base. To this end, Molian technology has launched a product called boat (block chain of AI things), which means that it is a new species of integration of Internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. It is a set of blockchain application framework on the platform of cellular wireless module, which integrates the IOT equipment of blockchain module, and can quickly realize the ability to access blockchain services. Molian technology hopes that boat can enable IOT equipment manufacturers to transport data assets to the digital world of blockchain through boat, and cooperate with mainstream module manufacturers in the adaptation of baseband chip platform and alliance chain platform.

So, what is the opportunity for Molian technology to set foot in the blockchain module? What progress has been made so far? What is the commercial application prospect of blockchain module? C114 interviewed Lin Yao, CEO of Molian technology, and gave a detailed answer to the above questions.

Reliable data to ensure the implementation of innovative business model of Internet of things

Blockchain module alliance keeps growing and strengthens cooperation with chip companies

Lin Yao said that the blockchain has introduced the distributed ledger technology to enable the trusted exchange and opening of data, while the Internet of things has continuously enhanced the digitalization ability of the edge network. There is a very large space for cooperation between the two in the future.

In the second half of 2018, Molian technology started the entrepreneurship of IOT + blockchain track, and obtained the strategic investment of Wanxiang blockchain. In the initial product positioning, Molian technology chose the differentiation strategy: the technical transformation of the existing Internet of things equipment. Because the Internet of things is a fragmented market, in order to realize the comprehensive and fast on the chain of Internet of things devices, we must find a universal and focused carrier. In the eight years before the founding of Molian, Lin Yao served as the general manager of the Internet of things division in Gemalto in China. As an “insider” of cellular wireless module, Molian technology found that cellular wireless module is a very good carrier and entry point. On the one hand, the cellular wireless module is the key component of the Internet of things equipment to realize the data cloud of the Internet of things equipment. On the other hand, after more than 20 years of development, the cellular wireless module industry has become very focused. The top ten suppliers in the world account for more than 90% of the market share, while Chinese manufacturers account for 70%.

It is reported that once the boat solution is launched, it has attracted the attention of module leading enterprises guanghetong and Yiyuan. In June 2019, Yiyuan and guanghetong took the lead in releasing 5g blockchain module products integrated with boat at the World Mobile Congress Shanghai Exhibition. In December 2019, Molian and nine domestic mainstream cellular wireless module manufacturers jointly initiated the establishment of the blockchain module alliance, which further accelerated the innovation of industry customers in the integration of IOT and blockchain technology, helped the upstream and downstream of IOT industry chain to cooperate, and enabled data to be connected to the cloud as well as the chain by implanting the blockchain capability into the cellular wireless module, so as to ensure that the data can be transmitted Letter. At the same time, technologies such as blockchain distributed ledger and smart contract can enable IOT companies to truly record their contributions in the process of data generation, and make more reasonable and fair profit distribution based on data value.

One year after the establishment of the blockchain module alliance, Molian technology also continued to promote the development and growth of the blockchain module alliance ecology. Compared with the beginning of its establishment, this year, three more module companies joined the blockchain module alliance. Molian technology, Lenovo communications, Dingqiao communications and China Mobile Internet of things successively launched their own brand blockchain module products.

On the premise that module cooperation will soon achieve full coverage, Molian technology will continue to develop upstream of the industrial chain and strengthen cooperation with chip companies. In May 2020, chunteng 8910dm, the world’s first CAT1 blockchain Internet of things chip, was jointly released with Ziguang zhanrui, the leading Internet of things chip manufacturer in China. From the chip baseline version level, the boat blockchain application framework of Molian was integrated to facilitate module manufacturers and device manufacturers to quickly develop Internet of things applications based on accessing blockchain services. In September 2020, we carried out technical cooperation with Yuefang technology, a leading risc-v chip manufacturer of Internet of things, and released the first risc-v chip BF supporting blockchain. Thus, boat blockchain application framework began to support risc-v chip architecture with open source instruction set.

In terms of commercial application, Molian technology has carried out POC pilot in more vertical industries to help accelerate the implementation of the business model of blockchain + Internet of things. Molian technology, Wanxiang blockchain and matrix element jointly launched platone + boat’s data deposit service and on chain asset management service platform. At present, dozens of customers in the Internet of things industry, such as Daimler used car, Yinji security, Zhongke Chuangda and Yunjia intelligence, are carrying out the evaluation pilot site landing.

Reliable data to ensure the implementation of innovative business model of Internet of things

According to Lin Yao, the boat blockchain application framework has completed the development and test integration with the mainstream module manufacturers on its mainstream module platform, and provides a commercial version, which can be selected as an optional feature based on customer requirements. At present, blockchain module is on the eve of large-scale commercial explosion, and industrial applications in the fields of biological asset management, logistics, supply chain finance, Internet of vehicles, charging pile and intelligent manufacturing are progressing smoothly.

Among them, in the project of Daimler used car asset management platform, blockchain technology helps Daimler solve the problem of trust asymmetry in the used car trading market, and realize the digital transformation of the used car trading market by safe and reliable means. Through the alliance chain, different stakeholders (such as gas stations, 4S stores, car rental companies) are united to store key vehicle data and transaction information in the blockchain that can not be tampered with, which improves the confidence of the residual value evaluation of second-hand cars, effectively helps each car to achieve the residual value promotion in the second-hand market transaction, and the technical service party also has the opportunity to participate To the redistribution of value.

In the field of biological asset management, in December 2019, Molian technology, Wanxiang blockchain and Unicom Internet of things jointly released the Internet of cattle intelligent animal husbandry public service ecological platform. Through asset management based on Internet of things + blockchain technology for large biological assets such as beef cattle, it can provide first-hand reliable data for banks, insurance and other financial institutions, and help ranches obtain funds and insurance products necessary for enterprise development. Financial institutions also provide more risk control means for financial innovation through blockchain + Internet of things technology.

In the Galanz industry 4.0 smart home appliance manufacturing demonstration base project, the first Internet of things chip “BF Xijiao” jointly developed by Galanz and Yuefang technology has also been successfully applied to Galanz’s home appliance products. Molian technology has successfully implanted the boat blockchain application framework in “BF Xijiao”, providing a trusted infrastructure based on blockchain capability for the next smart home scene Architecture support.

In the above three cases, business model innovation is carried out around mining data value. The key to the success of its innovation is that the data is recognized as authentic when it is exchanged and opened among various stakeholders, and it needs to ensure that the data is properly managed and used, and there is no data monopoly or compliance risk. The combination of blockchain and Internet of things technology ensures that the data is real from the source of collection, and makes the data credible in the whole life cycle by signing on the chain and storing certificates on the chain.

Lin Yao said that in the next year, Molian technology will continue to focus on the integration track of blockchain + Internet of things, continue to increase the ecological construction of boat blockchain application framework, take the blockchain module as the starting point, touch more traditional industry segments that need digital transformation and actively explore open data value, and help the two ecology of Internet of things and blockchain deeply integrate from the bottom 。 At the same time, Molian technology will introduce Internet of things service providers, telecom operators and financial institutions to realize cross field and cross industry cooperation. In order to realize the vision of “linking the intelligent Internet of things, making trust more free”, Molian technology will make the blockchain capability penetrate into all walks of life through the cellular module, the core component of the fragmented Internet of things market.

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