On February 9, 2021, Qualcomm technologies today released snapdragon x655g modem and RF system (hereinafter referred to as “snapdragon X65”) – the fourth generation 5g modem to antenna solution. It is the world’s first modem and RF system that supports 10gbps5g rate and conforms to 3GPP release 16 specification. Currently, it is sampling with terminal manufacturers. The commercial terminal adopting the new system is expected to be launched in 2021. Since the first commercial modem and RF system, snapdragon X65 is the company’s biggest leap in 5g solutions. The system aims to support the fastest 5g transmission speed in the market by the wireless performance comparable to optical fiber, and make full use of the available spectrum to achieve the ultimate network flexibility, capacity and coverage. In addition to snapdragon X65, Qualcomm technologies also launched snapdragon x625g modem and RF system (hereinafter referred to as “snapdragon X62”), which is optimized for the mainstream mobile broadband application marketModem to antenna solution.

Release of Qualcomm snapdragon X65 5g modem and RF system, the biggest leap in 5g solution

“The evolution of 5g has created the biggest opportunity for Qualcomm, because mobile technology will benefit almost all industries,” said anmon, President and CEO designate of Qualcomm. With snapdragon x655g modem and RF system, we have created an important milestone – opening the connection era with transmission rate up to 10Gbps and supporting the latest 5g specification. Snapdragon X65 will play a crucial role in enabling the new 5g use case, which will not only redefine the top smart phones, but also bring new possibilities for 5g’s expansion in the fields of mobile broadband, computing, XR, industrial Internet of things, 5g enterprise private network and fixed wireless access. “

“Snapdragon X65 integrates all the expectations of the world’s leading wireless technology innovators for 5g key technology breakthroughs,” said Ma Dejia, senior vice president and general manager of 4G / 5G business of Qualcomm technologies. Our 4th generation 5g modem and RF systems are designed for global 5g deployment, bringing significant innovation from modem to antenna, as well as broad spectrum aggregation capabilities covering sub-6ghz and millimeter wave bands. This will promote the rapid expansion of 5g, while improving network coverage, energy efficiency and performance for users. In addition, with their capabilities in extended range and high power, snapdragon X65 and snapdragon X62 also play a core role in the process of expanding 5g to the field of fixed wireless access and cloud connected computing. “

The key innovations of flagship snapdragon x655g modem and RF system include:

The scalable architecture supports enhancement, expansion and customization across 5g market segments; And through software updates, it supports the new features and functions to be launched soon, as well as the rapid deployment of new features of 3GPP release 16. In particular, as 5g expands to new vertical industries such as computing, industrial Internet of things and fixed wireless access, this scalable architecture can support future oriented solutions based on snapdragon X65 to support the adoption of new features, extend the service life of terminals, and help reduce the total cost of ownership.

The fourth generation of Qualcomm 545 millimeter wave antenna module aims to expand the network coverage of mobile millimeter wave and improve energy efficiency. With the new snapdragon X65 modem and RF system, the 545 millimeter wave antenna module supports higher transmission power than the previous generation products, supports all millimeter wave bands in the world including the new n259 (41ghz) band, and maintains the same compact footprint as the previous generation products.

The world’s first AI antenna tuning technology is the first step to introduce the company’s pioneering ai r & D achievements of more than 10 years into mobile RF system, bringing significant improvement to the performance and energy efficiency of cellular technology. For example, compared with the previous generation technology, the detection accuracy of hand holding terminal is improved by 30% through AI. This improvement can lead to enhanced antenna tuning function, which can improve data transmission speed, improve coverage and extend battery life.

· next generation power tracking solutions are smaller, more efficient, and have higher performance – superior performance and cost-effectiveness compared to conventional power tracking technologies.

The most comprehensive spectrum aggregation, covering all major 5g bands including millimeter wave and sub-6ghz bands and their combinations, FDD and TDD, brings extreme flexibility to operators by using fragmented 5g spectrum assets.

Qualcomm 5gpowersave 2.0 is based on the new power-saving technology defined by 3gpprelease16, such as connected modewake upsignal.

· Qualcomm smarttransmit ™ 2.0, a unique system level technology licensed by Qualcomm technologies, can be used with snapdragon X65 modem and RF system. By using the system sensing function from modem to antenna, it can continuously meet the requirements of RF transmission and bring higher upload rate and wider network coverage for millimeter wave and sub-6ghz band.

The above innovations and other performance improvements of snapdragon X65 modem and RF system aim to provide excellent 5g experience through faster cellular communication speed, wider network coverage and all day battery life. Snapdragon X65 will support a new generation of top smart phones, and support 5g expansion to PC, mobile hotspots, industrial Internet of things, fixed wireless access and 5g enterprise private network. On the basis of snapdragon X65, Qualcomm technologies also launched a widely used product, snapdragon x625g modem and RF system. Snapdragon X62 is a 5g modem to antenna solution for mobile broadband applications, which can support thousands of megabits of download speed.

The importance of snapdragon X65: the age of 10gbps5g has come. 10gbps5g era is inseparable from a complete modem to antenna solution, including a fully integrated system from modem, RF transceiver to a complete RF front end. Snapdragon x655g modem and RF system is leading the 10gbps5g era: it not only brings the most extensive feature combination in the industry to the top smart phones, but also brings excellent 5g performance to many other segments in all major regions, enabling all major operators in the world.

The close integration of modem and RF and advanced modem and RF technology will help terminal manufacturers bring excellent data transmission rate, network coverage, call quality and all day battery life to consumers through fashionable terminals. The megabit 5g provided by snapdragon x655g modem and RF system can support consumers to enjoy the browsing speed and low delay comparable to optical fiber, and obtain a new generation of networking applications and experience through 5g wireless connection, including cloud computing and edge computing, high-speed response multiplayer games, rich entertainment, immersive 360 degree video and instant applications.

Snapdragon X65 and snapdragon X62 are currently sampling with customers. Commercial terminals based on these two modem and RF solutions are expected to be available in late 2021.

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