On February 24, Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi group and general manager of redmi brand, announced the official delisting of K20 pro, the first generation of redmi. Redmi K20 Pro was released at the end of May last year. It is equipped with Xiaolong 855 mobile platform. At the beginning of its IPO, it costs 2499 yuan. After its launch, it has been liked by many consumers. Today, the plane officially went out of the market, and Lu Weibing shared three reasons why the redmi K20 series was loved by 5 million users around the world on Weibo. Let’s take a look.

Redmi first generation K20 Pro officially delisted

Redmi K20 Pro announced delisting

The first is to “follow the needs of users and listen to their opinions.” Redmi K20 series defines products closely around users’ use needs, and makes a difference in experience; the second is “self transcendence, dare to challenge.” Redmi K20 series dares to compete with the flagship products of its standard partners and even surpasses them in some core user experiences. The third is “adhere to high standards and strict requirements for quality” Redmi K20 series materials and processes, never cut corners. Lu Weibing introduced.

Redmi first generation K20 Pro officially delisted

Lu Weibing talks about three reasons why redmi K20 series are popular

Redmi first generation K20 Pro officially delisted

Redmi K20 Pro delisting closing ceremony

In addition, in order to thank the users for their recognition and love of redmi flagship products, Xiaomi home also prepared the closing ceremony for these users. Users with redmi K20 Pro can go to the nearest millet home to get the mobile phone shell for free, with a limit of 2 for each person. The activity officially started on February 24 and ended after receiving.

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