Recently, Manu Kumar Jain, global vice president of Xiaomi and head of Xiaomi’s India business, announced on twitter that redmi series will launch a new machine. Although the trailer does not contain much information, it is speculated that it may be redmi 9 series. After independence, redmi product line has been continuously improved, and the overseas market is in full swing.

Redmi 9 series new exposure machine will be equipped with MediaTek Helio G70 chip

From the content of the notice, Manu Kumar Jain said that redmi has always been synonymous with power, and its strong processor and excellent user experience are its advantages. What will appear this time is the new machine of Hongmi series. Judging from the rhythm of the new machine of Hongmi overseas market, redmi 9 and redmi note 9 should be released this time.

Although it is impossible to extract more useful information from the preview video, combined with the current exposure information, redmi 9 will be equipped with MediaTek Helio G70 chip, ushering in a significant improvement in performance. The development momentum of Xiaomi mobile phones in the Indian market is very strong, especially the redmi series, which has the highest cost performance ratio. And the upcoming new machine, is bound to set off a boom.

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