On December 4, Hongqi brand full-scale smart pure electric SUV Hongqi e-hs9 was officially launched. This model focuses on the latest technical achievements of Hongqi in the fields of electrification and intelligent networking, and the flagship intelligent all-round electric SUV of Hongqi is built around the four launch technologies and five safety technologies, which will meet the diversified and personalized needs of users.

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As one of the highlights of this model, the newly launched Hongqi e-hs9 is equipped with the mobile communication c-v2x (cellular Internet of vehicles) module integrated with Qualcomm chipset, becoming the first mass production model equipped with this module, and also the first mass production model in the industry to realize 100% auxiliary pre alarm verification in multiple lte-v2x communication scenarios.

At the same time, by combining with the ag35, the ag35’s built-in technology of position estimation and high-precision fusion positioning, the Hongqi e-hs9 can achieve sub meter level high-precision positioning, bring higher safety and better driving experience to the intelligent connected vehicle, and help to improve the transportation efficiency.

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Aiming at the function of intelligent network connection, red flag e-hs9 demonstrated the v2x application scenarios of forward collision warning (FCW), blind area reminder / lane change warning (BSW / LCW) and intersection collision warning (ICW) under the driving state of L3 level automatic driving during the test, and realized 100% passing rate, which effectively verified the reliability of c-v2x technology.

Red Flag brand full-scale smart pure electric suve-hs9 is built around the world’s four first launches (intelligent driving, high intelligent dual redundant chassis system, AR live navigation, wireless charging system), and five major safety technologies (active safety, passive safety, high voltage safety, information safety, and functional safety). It is in design, NVH, safety, health, intelligent networking, energy saving and new energy, and product reliability , vehicle basic performance and other aspects to provide users with red flag exclusive ultimate experience.

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C-v2x technology is an important supporting technology to realize the intelligent driving characteristics of the next generation of intelligent networked vehicles. It can improve the vehicle communication range, reliability and reduce the delay, and provide effective guarantee for the automatic driving vehicles in the actual environment. The only way which must be passed is to integrate the technology of automatic driving system with C-V2X technology, and also to realize the L5 automatic driving.

The release of the red flag e-hs9 new model also marks an important step in the global commercial application of c-v2x technology. In the future, Yueyuan c-v2x series modules will support more domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers to realize the commercial landing of c-v2x models, and promote the rapid development of c-v2x industry.

Under the background of accelerating the layout of “new infrastructure” in China, the development of intelligent networked vehicles has become an important strategic direction to promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s automobile industry. It is reported that in addition to ag15 module, Yueyuan can also provide LTE-A + c-v2x module ag52x series, 5g + c-v2x module ag55x series, etc., to ensure the continuity of future intelligent vehicle product planning of automobile manufacturers.

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