The new semester has begun, many students have returned to the campus, began a new semester of study and life. I recommend that you bring a portable projector with you when you go back to school. It can make you experience the fun of a 100 inch screen in a small dormitory. No matter after class or online learning, the portable projector is your ideal partner.

Recommended portable projectors for students

Youpai M1 miniplus intelligent projection

Youpai M1 miniplus intelligent projection is 11cm in size × 10.4cm × It’s 2.7cm, the same size as a mobile phone. It can be easily put in the pocket of clothes. It can be taken out immediately when needed, which is convenient and fast. The appearance design of this product has also won the if design award, and there are three kinds of color shell for you to choose from.

The standard resolution of upai M1 miniplus intelligent projection is 840 × 480, the projected picture is clear and delicate, and the details are accurate. At the same time, it has been adjusted by ubercolor + dazzle color technology. The color of the picture is real and natural, and it can truly present the primary color of the film.

The UI interface has been optimized and upgraded, simple and intuitive

Youpai M1 miniplus is equipped with Mango Milk intelligent system, and the UI interface has been optimized and upgraded, which is simple, intuitive and novel in color matching. The system integrates resources from multiple content platforms, and introduces social short video media. Rich content can bring more laughter to your spare time.

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