As a headset, it is nothing more than comfortable listening and wearing. Wearing comfort is an important standard to consider the success or failure of a headset. In the past, we used to test the wearing comfort from our own point of view, but in fact, everyone’s head size is different. To this end, today we will find two common head sizes to test the wearing comfort of five Bluetooth headsets.

1. Nank Nanka Lite Pro Bluetooth headset

Advantages: Bluetooth 5.2, ultra-low delay

What Bluetooth headset is the most worth buying within 1000 yuan? I believe the first answer for many people is this Nank network red Bluetooth headset. In less than a year since the Nank earphone brand was launched into the market, the sales volume has been rising all the way, the praise rate has reached more than 98%, and it has been highly praised by many scientific and technological media. All these achievements are inseparable from the tireless pursuit of Nank Nanka team. They have accumulated 10 years of technical precipitation in the audio field, and have developed more than 10 core innovative and leading technologies. They have invited Canadian Toronto musician William Arnaldo to join hands with 20 European and American tuners to establish an acoustic laboratory. Over two years, they have adjusted the sound quality for millions of times according to different music styles. They have strong R & D experience and technical strength in acoustics.

Moreover, Nank Nanka earphones have always advocated cost performance. The price of earphones is only more than 300 yuan, but the sound quality and materials are benchmarked with international brands. In terms of configuration, the Nanka Lite Pro headset is equipped with Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2 chip with more complex technology and higher cost, combined with a fully upgraded ceramic antenna and a dual host design, the left and right communication signal strength is increased by 800%, the anti-interference performance is increased by 300%, and the transmission distance is increased by 50%. Customize and upgrade the Nank Nanka low delay game acceleration mode. Three clicks on the right ear to enter the game mode. The delay is instantly reduced by 50%. Take the lead in listening and position discrimination! As well as the 13mm super large moving coil unit, coupled with the exclusive SR sealing ring process and cavity vibration reduction technology, the overall sound reduction is increased by 60% compared with the previous generation products! The sound quality is not inferior to that of big brand earphones, which can completely rival the effect of thousand yuan earphones! Many digital enthusiasts or hifi enthusiasts recommend Nank Nanka earphones, which are very popular in the music industry in the digital circle.

2. Walkers lollipopds true wireless Bluetooth headset

Advantages: portable, compact, low price, best sound quality

The round charging compartment is pure white, simple and clean. The piano baking process is very high-grade in white, without the sense of cheapness of plastic; The dual mic noise reduction technology adopted, with the support of cvc8.0 noise reduction algorithm, can well reduce the ambient noise during a call, making the call sound more pure and clear.

As for the sound quality, the sound quality of this earphone is fairly good at this price. Due to the dynamic unit, the earphone performs quite well in terms of bass. It rebounds well, is shocking and thick, and has a high overall recovery. The endurance is also good. It can be used for 6 hours at a time, and the charging box has a total endurance of 24 hours.

3. Samsung Galaxy buses+ Bluetooth headset

Advantages: small size, wireless charging

The Samsung galaxybud is made of lightweight materials. The weight of a single headset is only 3.6g. Even if you wear it all day, you won’t feel ear pain. The weight is 39.6g, which is very convenient to carry.

In terms of endurance, Samsung Galaxy buses can support 6 hours of music playback and 5 hours of talk time after charging. When carrying the charging box for additional charging, it can add 7 hours of music playback time and 6 hours of telephone talk time. Moreover, the headset has a fast charging function, and it can play 100 minutes of music after charging for 15 minutes.

4. Sony wf-sp900 Bluetooth headset

Highlight: NFC is connected at one touch

The charging box of Sony wf-sp900 Bluetooth headset is relatively small. The design of the charging box is eye-catching. The volume of the earplugs is slightly larger. The silicone earrings and earplugs of different sizes are standard, which are soft and comfortable to wear. The design of the rhinoceros horn makes it firm to wear and will not fall off when used in sports.

At the same time, Sony wf-sp900 Bluetooth headset still has a sense of science and technology. It supports NFC one touch connection. It can automatically connect Bluetooth only by lightly touching the headset charging box with an NFC enabled smart device. It is very simple and easy to operate.

5. 1More comfouds wireless Bluetooth headset

Highlight: small and comfortable

The carrying case of 1More ten thousand magic comfobuds comfortable beans is very small and can be grasped. In addition, the weight of the headset is only 36.5g. The 1More ten thousand magic comfobus comfortable bean earphone is only 3.8g per ear, which is the lightest in 1More. I often have to check whether it is on the ear after wearing it.

But the appearance value is still very high. The one I have in hand is pearl white. The high gloss UV coating on the box surface is integrated with pearlescent sequins. Different angles will have different reflections and shine.

The earphone adopts a semi in ear wearing design. The ear canal caliber silicone earmuffs make the earphone more fitting. The special lines on the surface increase friction, which is stable and not easy to slide off. The sound generating unit adopts lcp+pu composite diaphragm, Japanese large black voice coil and 13.4mm large size design, which optimizes the bass effect and is compatible with sound field and balance.

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