With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards. Basically, many families have one or more laptops, PS3 / 4 and other entertainment electronic devices. As we all know, these devices have a common feature, that is, they can use their own HDMI interface. Transmit the equipment picture to the large screen TV display.

However, some older display devices, such as TV, monitor, projector, are practical VGA interfaces. If it’s an HDMI line, it can’t be projected. At this time, HDMI to VGA converter comes in handy. Today, I would like to recommend several practical HDMI to VGA converters, so that you can enjoy the large screen HD experience and enjoy the entertainment.

Recommend several practical HDMI to VGA converters to enjoy large screen HD experience

— ① —

HDMI to VGA line converter HD video adapter

This HDMI to VGA high-definition converter supports 1080p or 1920×1080 resolution with consistent input and output. It supports VGA standard output resolution, has good compatibility and high definition. Such as millet box, notebook computer. PS3 / 4 can be connected with TV and other display devices. Realize HD viewing experience.

— ② —

VGA to HDMI cable converter with audio interface

Different from the previous two recommended converters, this product is suitable for notebook computers with VGA interface and display devices with HDMI interface. The overall workmanship is excellent, the shell adopts Apple Mac style design, the new aluminum shell design, the overall fashion atmosphere.

The connector adopts 24K gold inlaid VGA male head, high strength fixed screw and exquisite process, which can effectively guarantee the new number output quality and prolong the service life. Strong compatibility, can input notebook, computer, monitor and other devices. Up to 1080p image quality display, let every detail vivid.

— ③ —

Lvlian vga3 + 6 copper core engineering HD line

Many scenes in our life will use VGA cable, such as desktop computer connected to monitor, laptop connected to projector, etc. This engineering grade VGA wire, selected 28Awg thick copper core, has good conductivity and strong oxidation resistance.

The design of gold-plated joint is corrosion-resistant, which greatly improves the quality of signal transmission, and avoids current interference, ripple and distortion of image quality. 1080p HD resolution makes the picture quality clearer and more realistic, giving you a new experience. Compatible with TV, monitor, projector and other equipment, support multi system.

— ④ —

Type-C to HDMI / VGA usb-c adapter

Nowadays, the type-C interface is becoming popular. Both MacBook and Huawei mate20 use the type-C interface that supports forward and reverse blind insertion. It’s not only charging, but also transmitting fast. And in the audio and video synchronous transmission projection large screen TV, is also the first-class standard. Up to 4K HD projection screen. Whether it’s watching movies or playing games, it doesn’t matter.

The converter supports dual interface synchronous output, HDMI interface supports 4K * 2K resolution, and VGA interface supports 1080p. Equipped with a high-performance low-power core chip, can stabilize data transmission, avoid distortion, ghosting and tailing phenomenon.

— ⑤ —

Biyaz DVI to VGA HD adapter

Biyaz DVI to VGA adapter adopts high-quality tinned copper conductor as the core and interface gold plating process. It can convert digital signal into analog signal to solve the problem that dvi24 + 1 computer can’t connect to VGA monitor.

The output resolution is up to 1080p, which makes the clarity and texture of the image vivid and convenient for office and business use. Support the same screen to expand the dual mode, office your entertainment is not wrong. The outer part of the wire body is used with environmental protection TPE outer cover, and the inner part is designed with aluminum foil, woven mesh and ground wire multi-layer shielding, which truly ensures the stable transmission of signals.

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