As a matter of fact, it’s hard to use the previous positioning method to make a final conclusion for the notebook with more than 10000 yuan, but it’s more professional and extreme demand. And if the demand is portable class, it is necessary to exclude the game this heavy.

Recommend several 10000 yuan notebook computers with perfect portability and performance

Apple MacBook pro13

The MacBook pro13 has a high-quality screen, high performance and dust-proof keyboard.

With ten generations of Intel i5 processor, the screen is 13.3 inches, 16g + 512gb, 2.0GHz

Support fingerprint identification

Microsoft Surface pro7

Microsoft Surface pro7 is the only two in one tablet with 10nm process processor, with strong display performance

With ten generations of Intel i7 processor, the screen is 12.3 inches, 16g + 256gb

It’s very light and easy to carry

Microsoft Surface laptop 3

Microsoft’s surface laptop 3 has a high-quality 3:2 ratio screen with a variety of colors to choose from

With 10 generations of Intel i7 processor, 13.5-inch screen, 16g + 256gb

Metal keyboard with touch screen

The above is a few very good notebook, each is very light, easy to carry, and the function is very strong, depending on your needs to choose.

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