In order to get an immersive experience in the game, in addition to the exquisite picture quality, the sound is also very important, especially in some FPS team sports games, with a pair of excellent headphones, not only can you hear clearly, but also can let the players “listen to all sides” to make a first step response to the enemy.

Today, we evaluate this Rebecca vh520 game headset, which has a full look of electronic competition and virtual 7.1 channel function. It is a highly cost-effective game headset worth recommending. Let’s take a look at it in detail.

Rebecca vh520 game headset evaluation: appearance appreciation

Rebecca vh520 game headphone evaluation combined with the price is very cost-effective

In terms of appearance, the overall pure black shape of the Rebecca vh520 is very low-key. The outer ring of the earmuff is a frosted shell, which is spliced together with the mirror part of the joint. There is also a circle of black metal grid between the logo and Rebecca.

The overall cool black color matching of the earphone with different materials of each part greatly improves the texture of the earphone.

The headstock of the headset adopts a suspended double-layer design. The top layer is the frame of the headstock. The metal material makes it rebound quickly after bending, which is not easy to be damaged in daily use.

The headband is a wide sponge soft cotton, and there are some air holes on the inside. This kind of intelligent suspension design can reduce the pressure of the headset on the head, making it more comfortable to wear. It also makes it more convenient to adjust the height of the headset. The headset can automatically slide to the right position on the head without special manual adjustment.

Rebecca vh520 uses a large size sponge earmuff with very soft touch. The inner space is relatively large. The ear can be wrapped in it very comfortably without being squeezed by the earmuff. The pressure on the auricle of the all inclusive earphone has been greatly improved, and there is no pain in the ear after wearing it for a long time.

The earphone adopts standard USB interface, and the wire is tensile wire, which is more durable than ordinary earphone wire.

After the power is turned on, RBG light pollution starts, and a circle of RGB ring lights under the earmuff metal grid lights up. This is different from our usual breathing lamp effect, but a kind of running lamp effect. RBG ring light around the center of the Rebecca logo keeps rotating and flashing, in many peripheral RGB light pollution, this is also a very unique design.

Rebecca vh520 game headset evaluation: use experience

As a game headset, in addition to the cool appearance, the most important thing is to improve our game experience. One of the most important features of Rebecca vh520 is that it supports virtual 7.1 channel and can be turned on by driver on PC.

In the game “Jedi survival: Escape”, the virtual 7.1 channel creates a ring sound effect, which makes Xiaobian have a clearer and more accurate judgment on the direction and distance of footsteps and gunshots. Often, before you see the enemy in the picture, you can distinguish the position of the enemy from the footstep sound coming from the earphone, and make a quick response.

In addition, the Rebecca vh520 is equipped with a 50 mm large driver unit, which has more potential for sound. The sound of gunfire and explosion in the game is very shocking. The enhancement of the bass part adds a lot of points to the rendering of the game atmosphere. Every explosion of the bass gives people a sense of presence in the game.

In addition, communication with teammates is also a very important part of winning team competitive FPS games such as rainbow 6: breakthrough and Jedi survival: big escape. The microphone of Reber vh520 supports enc one-way noise reduction function, which can provide a clearer voice quality without environmental noise.

Experience summary: as an entry-level game headset, raptor vh520 has cool appearance, unique RBG light effect, surround sound effect brought by virtual 7.1 channel and other highlight functions. Combined with the price, it is very cost-effective. Raptor vh520 is very suitable for entry-level game players. With virtual 7.1 channel blessing, it will give you a new game experience. At present, Rebecca vh520 has full reduced benefits on the e-commerce platform, and interested friends can get more discounts.

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