Video surveillance servers have been frequently used by enterprises or individuals in our lives. If we don’t touch this content, although we don’t actually know this product, we may live under the lens of these products anytime and anywhere. Although some privacy problems will be exposed, video surveillance equipment has indeed brought great help to our lives. However, any product will encounter some conditions in the process of use.

For how to solve some common problems of video surveillance server, it is difficult for a senior technician to deal with these problems perfectly, and many users can’t even find the relevant reasons when they encounter these problems, This paper mainly introduces some possible reasons and solutions that video surveillance server cannot access through browser.

This situation is just like our Internet access. If a computer is configured, the computer can run normally, but later it is found that the computer can not access the Internet. The same is true for the video monitoring server. After the cabling is completed, it is found that the monitoring server cannot be networked normally. There are several possible reasons for this.

The network is not working. If the network fails, we can connect the PC to the network for testing to see whether it works normally, so as to eliminate whether it is a cable fault, and whether it is a PC problem.

IP is occupied by other addresses. If the video monitoring server cannot be networked normally, the IP address may be occupied. Users can connect the video monitoring server to the PC separately, and then reset the IP address.

IP addresses are in different subnets. In this case, first check the IP address and subnet mask, and then reset the IP address.

The port may be modified.

In this case, you can restore the settings of the video surveillance server to the factory settings to solve this problem.

If the general video surveillance server cannot be networked, it is basically these problems. Therefore, users need to check one by one according to the actual situation, and then solve the problems. Only when the video monitoring server can be connected normally can the user carry out monitoring operation normally. Therefore, after installing the equipment, the user should debug the network connection status at the first time.

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