The insulation monitoring device is used in the IT system to monitor and measure the insulation status and insulation resistance resistance of the power supply system to the ground in real time. When the preset value (usually 50kΩ) is set, the monitor will send an alarm signal to notify the relevant personnel to troubleshoot the fault in time, or start the fault locator to locate the fault. In addition, the insulation monitor also has transformer temperature detection and overload detection and alarm functions.

1. Why do medical sites need monitoring devices?

1. When the first insulation fault of the medical power supply system occurs, the power supply system cannot be cut off by the protection device;

2. Surgical equipment and equipment used to maintain life in Class 2 medical places such as operating room and intensive care unit cannot be powered off;

3. When the power supply system fails, the fault current is reduced to a safe range;

4. When the first ground fault occurs in the system, it should be able to detect or even pre-detect in time, and alarm in time;

5. Many domestic and international standards clearly stipulate that for Class 2 medical places, an IT power supply system must be used, and corresponding insulation monitoring instruments must be provided.

2. What is the composition and standard of the insulation monitoring device?

1. Isolation transformer

ES710 series transformers have reinforced insulation and meet the requirements of IEC61558-1/DIN EN61558-1 (VDE 0570-1) and IEC61558-2-15/DIN EN 61558-2-15 (VDE 0570-2-15).

In addition, the transformer meets the requirements of IEC60364-7-710/DIN VDE0100-710 (VDE0100-710) for IT systems used in medical locations. Equipment windings are electrically isolated. To reduce electrical interference, an electrostatic shield is installed between the primary and secondary windings, and the lead wires are connected to insulated terminals for equipotential bonding.

The fixed angle is isolated from the transformer core to ensure that the isolated installation meets the requirements of DIN VDE 0100-710 (VDE 0100-710;: 2002-11, para.710.512.1.6.2).

2. Insulation monitor

isoMED427P-CX complies with standards IEC 60364-7-710/IEC61557-8 and 61557-9. It can monitor the insulation resistance of medical IT systems, and can also monitor the load, current and temperature of IT systems. After connecting the EDS series insulation fault locator, the Can be extended to insulation fault location system.

3. External alarm and display equipment

The external alarm display and tester display fault, alarm and operation information on the insulation monitor, in line with the standard IEC60364-7-710:2002-11 and DIN VDE0100-710 (VDE0100-710):2012-11 specification. Technicians can get additional information by pressing special buttons. Use twisted pairs to connect external alarm displays and testers and insulation monitors to exchange data, which saves time and costs.

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