When uploading a program from one Mitsubishi PLC to another PLC or computer, the yellow background color is displayed in many places in the program (as shown in Figure 1). It is useless to change the high-level programming software of Mitsubishi PLC. What is the reason for this? Generally, it is a problem of programming methods. Here is a simple analysis of the reasons.


Figure 1

Reasons for incomplete uploading of Mitsubishi PLC program

There are two programming methods:

1. One is to write a program with a computer. When there are serious errors in the overall structure of the program, it cannot be compiled and downloaded!

2. The other is to use a handheld programmer, such as fx-20p-e. when there is an error in the overall structure of the program, it can not be written into the PLC!

In both cases, the program cannot be uploaded, or the program upload is incomplete.

Solution to incomplete upload of Mitsubishi PLC program

1. When writing a program on the computer, the back of the contact can not exceed 24 lines, otherwise it can not be compiled to remind errors

2. When programming with a handheld programmer, it can exceed 24 lines without error. If the program written by the handheld programmer exceeds 24 lines, when read by the computer program, the part exceeding 24 lines will be lost. At the same time, this section will be marked with yellow background, which is too large.

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