In life, whether we use smart phones to surf the Internet, play games, watch videos and chase dramas, we all hope that mobile phones can bring us a smoother and non Caton experience effect, because in this way, we can better play mobile phones. Once the mobile phone has a Caton phenomenon, which occurs at a very important moment, it will be very annoying.

The screen is the most commonly used part of the mobile phone. The experience of sliding the screen also determines the use effect of our daily machine. If the simple system operation is slightly blocked, playing large-scale games will become a problem. If the experience is not satisfactory, the mood will be greatly reduced.

Realmex2pro will make your touch experience easier

Realme x2 Pro is a new machine recently released by realme. In this era when 90hz refresh rate is popular, realme x2 Pro also has 90hz screen refresh rate. At the same time, it also supports DC dimming function, and has obtained the t ü V global eye care certification in Rhine, Germany. The daily machine is not only more smooth, but also more eye care.

In order to get better use effect, we can get a smoother touch experience by opening the 90hz refresh rate screen of realm x2 Pro mobile phone. So how to adjust the screen refresh rate of realm x2 pro to 90hz? Let’s learn from Xiaobian.

Step 1: on the desktop of realm x2 Pro mobile phone, find the [settings] icon of the mobile phone and click to enter. Step 2: after entering the mobile phone setting interface, find the [display and brightness] option in the interface and click open. Step 3: after entering the display and brightness interface of the mobile phone, find the [screen refresh rate] option in the interface and click open. Step 4: after entering the screen refresh rate setting interface of the mobile phone, select the screen refresh rate as [90hz] in the interface.

Step 5: finally, in the screen refresh rate setting interface, turn on the application you want to experience the 90hz refresh rate, or directly slide the function switch on the right side of the [all] option in the interface, and the switch turns green, which means that the function is successfully turned on. In this way, as long as you use the application with the 90hz refresh rate turned on, in the process of using the application, The screen display is smoother and the overall operation is smoother.

After the screen refresh rate of realm x2 Pro mobile phone is successfully adjusted to 90hz, even the simplest daily system interface operation, whether video or playing games, will have a more smooth animation effect. As long as you experience this fluency, it is difficult to return to the 60Hz Caton effect.

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