Although a third of December has passed, it seems that many mobile phone manufacturers have just begun. Because in the next 20 days, there will be a series of press conferences, and there will be a number of 5g new products, which is enough to feast your eyes. The real me X50, the first 5g mobile phone in realme that has been warming up before, has finally got an eye. On December 10, realme officially announced that realme X50 5g will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 765G.

Screenshot of realme mobile microblog

Judging from the official publicity posters, realme X50 is likely to have the difference between 4G version and 5g version. After all, the poster retains the small tail of “5g”, so we have to make this guess. From this point of view, the 5g version will be equipped with Xiaolong 765G processor, integrate 5g baseband and and support SA / NSA dual-mode 5g. For specific parameters, you might as well refer to the red rice K30 to be released today. After all, it is the same processor. The 4G version may use Xiaolong 730g processor. Of course, this is only our guess.

Realme X50 5g

The official announcement did not release more information. As for the specific time and place of the press conference, we need to wait for further information. Of course, at this time node, many fans may be concerned about when the 5g mobile phone equipped with Xiaolong 865 will be available. According to the chip listing, it is likely to be the first quarter of next year. We might as well look forward to it.
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