Recently, realme launched a 4K TV with sled screen overseas. It is reported that this is the world’s first product to use sled screen, and the official said that its display effect is better than the screen using quantum dot technology. With 108% NTSC gamut, the TV can display more colors and is blue light proof.

Realme released the world's first product with sled screen, showing better than qled

It is reported that sled screen adopts a new backlight scheme. Conventional LCD uses white backlight, and then through the RGB filter to show more colors. The sled panel uses RGB three color backlight, and then through the design of polarizer.

It can be said that sled panel still belongs to the category of LCD panel, but the color performance is better.

It should be noted that at present, realme only announced this new technology overseas, and the TV equipped with sled panel is not ready to go on sale.

Realme official said, compared with qled quantum dot technology, sled is a better technology, and products equipped with sled panel will be released in the future.

At present, quantum dot TVs such as Samsung and Yijia have been launched in the Indian market. Comparatively speaking, this sled TV of realme is likely to become a more competitive product.

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