On December 17, realme was held in New Delhi, India   X2 launched its first true wireless headset. The headset launched this time is called realme Budd air true wireless headset, and the price is 3999 rupees (about 395 yuan).

Realme buses air true wireless headset

In terms of configuration, the realm buses air true wireless headset is equipped with a high-performance R1 processor and supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which can reduce the sound delay in the process of transmitting audio signals. The headset adopts a 12mm drive unit to bring users excellent sound quality. At the same time, users can directly use the touch operation on the headset to pause or continue playing. This experience is also similar to most wireless headphones on the market. In addition, two earplugs are synchronously connected to the mobile phone to ensure synchronous audio transmission and reduce transmission delay as much as possible.

Realme buses air true wireless headset

In addition, the real buses air true wireless headset also supports wireless charging. Just place the headset on the wireless charger to replenish the power for the headset without looking for a charging cable.

At present, the realme Budd air true wireless headset can be purchased through the realme official website and flipkart e-commerce platform at 2 p.m. on the day of the press conference. In addition, realme officials also revealed that this headset will also be available in China soon.

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