According to 91 mobile, realme officials have officially announced that realme XT 730g mobile phone and realme true wireless headset will be released in India on December 17.

Realme announced that it will release a true wireless headset on December 17

It is understood that realme real wireless headset will be realme’s first real wireless headset. At present, the official has announced the general appearance of the product through posters. 91 Mobile said that it looks similar to Apple’s air pods headphones.

In terms of function, the poster shows the LED charging indicator of the charging box of the real wireless headset, and it is said that this product will support wireless charging; There is no more information about this product at this time.

Information shows that as early as September this year, realme launched its first neck band wireless headset “smart ear”, which is available in yellow, green and orange. In terms of battery life, it can play 12 hours of music. The official said that it can listen to music for 100 minutes after charging for 10 minutes, and the price is 149 yuan.

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