Mobile phone remote control of the water pump switch: no need to manually touch the water pump switch, it can break through the limitations of time, space and distance, and control the on and off of the water pump switch on the mobile phone.

If you want to remotely control the water pump switch with a mobile phone, you can use the mobile phone to remotely control the switch.

Bicester remote control switch: As long as there is a 4G signal, you can use your mobile phone to remotely control the switch of the water pump, and it is not affected by the weather, mountains and rivers. You don't need to download the APP, and you can remotely control the water pump switch directly through the WeChat applet. control.

The mobile phone can control the switch of a single water pump independently, or one mobile phone can control multiple water pump switches to turn on and off at the same time, or it can be shared with other mobile phones to control the water pump switch. Set up projects (groups) for control to facilitate future management.

And the remote control switch has the function of real-time feedback, you can check the on and off status of the switch at any time, check whether the pump is on, monitor the voltage, current, and power of the pump, and query the working status of the pump in the recent period through a small program , to see if there is an accident such as a power outage.

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