Recently, Jedi survival launched a new snow map, which once again triggered a new upsurge of “eating chicken”. At the same time, the recent “call of duty 15”, “battlefield 5” and other masterpieces have come one after another. The popularity of shooting games has also driven the players’ demand for game peripherals. A good game headset product is a necessary weapon for almost every game player. Headset headset with high-end 7.1 channel game player is favored by players for better listening, but the price is high. Is there a 7.1 channel awesome headphone with enough cost? Today we want to share with you this vh510 from rapoo, which may be a good choice.

Rapoo has always been known for creating cost-effective peripherals. The official price of vh510 is only 149 yuan. This is a headset product that supports virtual 7.1 channels.

The whole machine is in black and gray color, relatively low-key, without excessive fancy decorative texture.

The vh510 adopts a regular circular earmuff, and the shell part is in a quintuple shape. The vPro logo in the center and the surrounding guard net can be transparent. RGB lights support circular gradients of multiple colors, but do not support software custom settings.

The head beam is suspended, which can adapt to the head shape of most users without adjustment. At the same time, the large-area headband can share the pressure well, so that the head will not have a very obvious sense of pressure.

The microphone supports noise reduction function, and a fast mute switch is set to facilitate the use of answering calls and other scenes in the game.

The diameter of the sound generating unit has reached 50mm, and the bass performance is worth looking forward to. Ear muffs are designed to be worn for a long time without pain due to compression.

As a 7.1-channel headset product, it is naturally a USB interface.

Wearing experience

The first impression of the vh510 is that the large-diameter earmuff has a strong wrapping feeling. With the suspended headbeam design, even players with large heads can easily and comfortably wear it for a long time. Although the volume of the headset is relatively large, the weight is not heavy and will not feel tired due to the weight.

Software part

Rapoo has built a special driver for vh510. It integrates very rich functions.

Up to four sets of EQ adjustment settings are supported.

There are also four options for sound effects.

7.1 channel enable

Microphone settings

Microphone electronic noise reduction

The most interesting thing is that there are four built-in sound changers. It’s quite fun to make a funny thing in the game.

Game experience

In Jedi survival, you can easily distinguish the direction and distance from cars in the distance or footsteps and gunshots in the vicinity. In terms of resolution, the sound of changing cartridges can also be well expressed. A good sense of low frequency brings the sound effects of fist to meat explosion and shooting.

The 7.1 sound effect is enabled in battlefield 5. The immersion of the battlefield is quite good, and it becomes easier to listen to the voice and debate.


As a 149 yuan game headset product, it may not be able to be amazing in appearance, but vh510, which is equipped with 50mm units and supports virtual 7.1 sound effects at the same price, has few competitors. If you have a strong interest in FPS games and need a cost-effective game headset, vh510 is a good choice.

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