Recently, rapoo, a leading domestic peripherals and powerful listed company, launched i150 Bluetooth TWS headset. This headset has powerful performance such as Bluetooth 5.0, 6mm high-performance stereo speaker, 4 + 16 hour battery life and HD voice call. The sincere listing price is only 149 yuan. It is undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy high-quality TWS headphones in the near future.

Rapoo i150 adopts Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which can cover about 10 meters of transmission range and adapt to most electronic devices on the market. With stable signal, low delay and low power consumption, it can provide more lasting battery life and smoother connection and listening experience for the headset. TWS is truly wireless design, completely bid farewell to the cumbersome wire troubles. It is as light as jewelry and a sharp tool in the street. It is so natural and unrestrained.

I150 adopts bean shape design, and the overall shape is small and exquisite. After countless times of cutting and grinding, the material is optimized and the structure is optimized, resulting in incomparable wearing comfort. The weight of a single earphone is only about 4G. Three models of S / M / L ear caps are attached to it, which is further suitable for the ear Guo, reduce discomfort and wear it for a long time.

Rapoo engineers incorporated the 6mm high-performance speaker unit into it. Under careful adjustment, the resolution and transient explosive force inconsistent with the body shape broke out, making the overall listening feeling of i150 powerful at low frequency, delicate and soft at medium and high frequency, restoring the original taste of music.

Just take the i150 headset out of the charging box, you can automatically turn it on and start to enter the pairing state. After one pairing, the last connected device can be automatically connected when it is taken out again, giving up cumbersome and saving time and worry.

Rapoo i150 supports the use of single ear, single ear and double ears. No matter business voice calls or video game entertainment, it can meet the use status you want.

The left / right earphones are protected from touching the entity multi-function buttons by mistake, which can realize multimedia / call and other operations, and enjoy the scientific and technological life.

The excellent airtight structure and technology make the i150 can effectively inhibit the splashing of daily life and have no worry about light exercise.

Built in high-performance lithium battery, supports mobile phone power prompt, and can last for about 5 hours. The charging box can provide an additional battery life of about 16 hours. Put the headset back into the charging box to automatically turn off / start charging, and the energy is still full even for long-distance travel.

Bluetooth 5.0, TWS true wireless, 6mm high-quality speaker, intelligent connection, about 4 + 16 hours of battery life… You can enjoy a new use experience of true wireless headset for only 149 yuan. Rapoo i150 Bluetooth TWS headset is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective TWS headsets this year. Interested friends should not miss it!

Rapoo rapoo, founded in 2002, is a listed company in the peripheral industry, a national high-tech enterprise and the first batch of national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises.

Since its inception, rapoo has taken “wireless” as its mission and continued to expand wireless life application scenarios. Its business covers peripheral products such as mouse, keyboard, speaker, headset and handle. With technology research and development as the core, market demand as the guide, user experience as the purpose, supplemented by the precision quality of rapoo robot automatic production system, rapoo is committed to creating interesting and friendly product experience for consumers.

After more than ten years of cultivation in overseas markets, China’s smart manufacturing has successfully expanded its business to 54 countries around the world and served more than 100 million consumers. With excellent quality, rapoo has been invited to participate in global consumer electronics exhibitions such as IFA in Germany and ces in the United States for years to show the charm of new domestic products.

Rapoo has a strong strength in original industrial design. In recent years, rapoo has successively won prestigious design awards at home and abroad, such as if design award in Germany, REDDOT Design Award in Germany, G-Mark Design Award in Japan, DFA most influential Design Award in Asia, Red Star Award in China’s innovative design, golden point design award in Taiwan, China, etc., bearing the history and concept of the brand, creating a dynamic and personalized aesthetic proposition, and transmitting the spiritual energy of “wireless”.

In 2020, rapoo will continue to cultivate “wireless” peripheral products to improve quality and experience. To meet the user’s demand of “one button wireless charging + multi-function switching” on the wireless device, and realize the “one button wireless charging + multi-function switching” on the wireless device.

At the same time, with rapoo’s consistent high standards, high quality, strong design and strong application requirements, we will further expand the full range of 3C consumer electronics products, and launch products such as wireless charger, TWS wireless video and audio, multi-functional docking station and power adapter to meet the all-round needs of users in work, life and entertainment, and enjoy the comfort and convenience brought by science and technology.

Rapoo always takes “wireless your life” as the direction, makes unremitting innovation as an explorer, gives more possibilities to those defined products, and shows the benchmark strength of new domestic products to the world.

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